I joined this wonderful game back in 2014 right around the release of the Ringmaker cycle. During that time, I’ve been catching up on recent content and have played the game a lot. One year later, I got involved with the community and started to listen to podcasts. This expanded my knowledge of the game greatly. However, I did not find a proper place where each scenario was analysed closely. Questions like “What should I look out for during the quest?”, “Is it important to bring combat orientated decks?”, or “Is this quest better played solo, or with 4 players?” have been found all across the forums and the wider community. That is when I decided to start this blog in early 2018.

This blog will focus on each scenario that has officially been released by Fantasy Flight Games. I have started with the regular cycles and have had fellow community members handle Saga expansions, Nightmare and Print on Demand (POD) scenario’s. There is no real time schedule for when I release the analysis, but I will try to pump these things out as fast as possible. However, this is a voluntary blog, and these things will take quite some time to analyse fully. I can also make mistakes, but I will try and flush those out as I go along.

I myself am a 26-year old guy from The Netherlands and am currently working as a Production Engineer for a large tech-company. My passion for the Tolkien universe started with the movies, but I quickly read the books afterwards during high school. From there, there was no stopping me from expanding my knowledge about the universe. That is why I love this game, it looks away from the movies and uses the books as guidelines for what could happen in the world. Sometimes, the actions of our heroes influence the storyline of the books, but only sightly.

Beyond the blog, I am an active community member (and moderator) in the Facebook group, and on the Discord server of Cardboard of the Rings. I usually have little time to play the game, as my studies take up a lot of time, but if you see me online, perhaps we can attempt to crack one of the scenario’s on DragnCards.

The blog is free, so the only costs I have at the moment are the snacks I consume during writing these articles. If you want to sponsor me, I have a Patreon account where you can sponsor the blog and get some rewards out of it as well. If you have any idea’s about how to improve the blog or its articles, or if you want to write one yourself, be sure to contact me.

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