A Long-extended Party

Probably the biggest group of fans that make fan-made content for the game do this under the banner of AleP (A Long-extended Party). The idea was proposed by Seastan (Creator of DragnCards and host on Cardboard of the Rings). He was quickly joined by playtesters, designers, story writers, and art hunters from across the community. Together, they released their first content in the form of a Deluxe box back in March 2021. Aside from their Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle, they have also designed content like the Scouring of the Shire stand-alone scenario. Their releases come with player cards featuring new heroes and sometimes even commissioned artwork via FArCom. For more info on their projects, check their site: https://alongextendedparty.com/

Miscellaneous articles

Announcement article and preview of Spring the Trap

The Children of Eorl (Deluxe)

  • Ambush at Erelas
  • The Battle for the Beacon
  • The Horse Lord’s Ire

Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle

  • The Aldburg Plot
  • Fire on the East-Emnet
  • The Gap of Rohan
  • The Glittering Caves
  • Mustering the Rohirrim
  • Blood in the Isen

Stand-alone scenarios

This list is not final and will be updated with new content as the group releases more info on their expansions. The blog currently has nobody writing content for this yet but would welcome anyone who would like to write scenario analyses or player card reviews for these expansions. Otherwise, they will be delayed until the official content is finished.

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Devoted
  • Vast
  • Looter
  • Steeds
  • Frostbite

Player card synergy

AleP designs their expansions with a single (or sometimes multiple) archetypes in mind. These archetypes are contained to just one expansion so that you can easily print a single set of cards in order to get some extra synergy for the trait of your choice. The archetypes supported are as follows.

  • The Children of Eorl (Rohan / Traps / Gondor)
  • Ambush at Erelas (Hobbit / Scout / Secrecy)
  • Fire on the East-emnet (Eagle / Creature)
  • The Gap of Rohan (Bree)
  • The Glittering Caves (Noldor / Dwarf)
  • Mustering the Rohirrim (Beorning/Woodmen/Scout)
  • Blood in the Isen (Dunedain/Titles)