The Lord of the Rings Saga

There are 6 Saga boxes and 2 Print on Demand quests that deal with the famous Lord of the Rings Saga. In 20 scenarios, you play with a select group of heroes from the Shire to the Crack of Doom. The scenarios can be played separately from each other or be played as one massive campaign. For more details on the campaign side of things, check the rulesheets or contact your community to ask questions.

Besides the scenario encounter sets, there are some other encounter sets that are shared among multiple scenarios.

Status: IN PROGRESS: Claim your quest if you want to write an article, the deadline is not anytime soon

Global Information

Keywords Introduced

  • Peril
  • Boons/Burdens
  • Toughness X
  • Defence
  • Wizardry
  • Mire X
  • Phantom
  • Assault
  • Dire


  • Hide X
  • Fortitude

Player Card Synergy

  • Hobbit
  • Istari
  • Rohan
  • Ranger
  • Ent
  • Gondor