Vengeance of Mordor

This quest takes you further east than the last cycle. You get to solve mysteries in the lands of Dorwinion and Rhun, right at the borders of Mordor, where the shadows lay. You will need a Core Set and the A Shadow in the East Deluxe box to play this cycle. This will give you access to the following encounter sets that are used throughout the cycle: Rolling Plains, Twisted Tunnels, The Power of Mordor, Easterling Raiders, Riders of Rhun, City of Rhun, Ulchor’s Guard, Servants of Sauron, Under Guard.

Status: Pending, claim your scenario by contacting Durin’s Father

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First Impressions: The City of Ulfast

First Impressions: The Challenge of the Wainriders

First Impressions: Under the Ash Mountains

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First Impressions: The Fortress of Nurn

The cycle starts with your band of heroes taking the Celduin south towards Dorwinion after their quests of the previous cycle. The road to Dorwinion isn’t without enemies, though the destination might prove deadlier than the journey. Sauron’s servents are all over the city and after uncovering their plans, you learn that they are gathering for a ritual in the mountains to the south. After travelling there and stopping the ritual, you learn that Lord Alcaron from the Against the Shadow cycle has been resurrected in his true form as Thane Ulchor, and he is responsible for the disturbances in the region. He flees after his defeat, but later assails the capital city of Dorwinion with an army of Easterlings. After the assault, you travel to the Easterling city of Ulfast, where the army originated from. You sneak into the city and seek an audience with the king. He lets you leave and you travel south to Mordor, before being intercepted by the Wainriders who call the plains home. You beat them in a race and they lead you to a secret tunnel that leads into Mordor. Emerging from the other side, you free the slaves of Nurn and rouse an army of your own to attack Ulchor’s stronghold on the Sea of Nurn for a final showdown!

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Race


  • Racing

Player card Synergy

  • Gondor
  • Master
  • Gollum
  • Hobbits
  • Contracts
  • Silvan
  • Victory Display
  • Valour
  • Guarded cards
  • Eagle
  • Rohan
  • Dunedain
  • Woodmen