Against the Shadow

The cycle takes you back to the civilized world to the Kingdom of Gondor. You will need the Core Set and the Heirs of Numenor Deluxe box to play the scenarios. The encounter sets included in that box are: Brooding Forest, Streets of Gondor, Mordor Elite, Brigands, Creatures of the Forest, Southrons, and Ravaging Orcs.

Starting from this cycle, the developers have added a more expansive narrative to the story. You are tasked by a Gondorian Noblemen to bring a message to Faramir in Cair Andros. You first have to escape the port city of Pelargir and survive an encounter with Southrons heading to Mordor. Once at Cair Andros, you have to fend off an attack. Returning to Minas Tirith, Denethor asks of you to uncover a plot against Gondor. The plot takes you to the nearby Drúadan Forest and to Amon Dîn. There you meet up with the same Noblemen from Pelargir who asks you to join him in Osgiliath. There you take the east bank of the city back from the enemy under the command of Boromir. You pursue the fleeing orcs to the Crossroads in Ithilien where you are ambushed by a Black Numenorian. He takes Faramir and the Nobleman prisoner and escorts them to Minas Morgul. It is up to you to prevent them falling into enemy hands.

Status: COMPLETED (Normal): Will take Nightmare reviews if anyone wants to do any.

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Archery X
  • Villagers X
  • Siege
  • Battle
  • Underworld X
  • Prowl X



Player Card Synergy

  • Gondor
  • Outlands
  • Mono-sphere decks