Angmar Awakened

The adventures turn away from the sunny south, and into the freezing cold of Arnor and Angmar. This cycle requires you to have the Core Set + The Lost Realm to play the scenarios. This will give you access to the following encounter sets that are used throughout the cycle: Iârion, Eriador Wilds, Angmar Orcs, Ruins of Arnor, Foul Weather, Dark Sorcery, and Cursed Dead.

Flavor text of Angmar Awakened cycle

Status: FINISHED: Look to other cycles for articles, or offer to do the Nightmare versions of these quests. Feedback on these articles is also appreciated!

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Side Quests
  • Capture X
  • Safe
  • Reanimate
  • Valour



Player Card Synergy

  • Dunedain
  • Hobbit
  • Ent
  • Victory Display
  • Noldor
  • Player Side Quests
  • Valour