Angmar Awakened

The adventures turn away from the sunny south, and into the freezing cold of Arnor and Angmar. This cycle requires you to have the Core Set + The Lost Realm to play the scenarios. This will give you access to the following encounter sets that are used throughout the cycle: Iârion, Eriador Wilds, Angmar Orcs, Ruins of Arnor, Foul Weather, Dark Sorcery, and Cursed Dead.

The cycle takes place in the North of Middle Earth, where a necromancer has come to lead Angmar in a war against the remaining Dunedain of the North. You are first tasked with destroying a War Party that is making its way to Bree. Then, you have to pursue the fleeing Orcs into the Weather Hills where you find that they have been taking civilians, prisoner. You return the prisoners to Fornost Erain, where you are ambushed by the undead. They capture one of your companions and flee to the North. In an attempt to rescue your friend, you follow in pursuit. You are hounded (pun intended) by wargs across the Downs and eventually captured by Orcs. They hold you prisoner at Mount Gram, where you find a way to escape. Across the Ettenmoors and through Rhudaur you make your way back to Imladris. There you find that the Dunedain and some Noldor have gathered to siege the Angmarim capital of Carn Dûm. During the battle, you sneak into the dungeons of the Iron Fortress and confront the Necromancer.

Status: FINISHED: Look to other cycles for articles, or offer to do the Nightmare versions of these quests. Feedback on these articles is also appreciated!

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Side Quests
  • Capture X
  • Safe
  • Reanimate
  • Valour



Player Card Synergy

  • Dunedain
  • Hobbit
  • Ent
  • Victory Display
  • Noldor
  • Player Side Quests
  • Valour