There and Back Again

In May 2019, a new series started on Vision of the Palantir which focuses on a more story driven written progression series by dragoncymru. This series will use slightly different rules than the regular game, which can be found in articles at the start of each cycle, where the changes are explained.

Introduction to the series

Story Mode: Rules

Shadow of Mirkwood cycle
Introduction to the cycle
Passage through Mirkwood
Journey along the Anduin
Escape from Dol Guldur
The Hunt for Gollum
Conflict at the Carrock
A Journey to Rhosgobel
The Hills of Emyn Muil
The Dead Marshes
Return to Mirkwood
Dwarrowdelf cycle
Introduction to the cycle
Into the Pit
The Seventh Level
Flight from Moria
The Redhorn Gate
Road to Rivendell
The Watcher in the Water
The Long Dark
Foundations of Stone
Shadow and Flame.
Against the Shadow cycle
Peril in Pelargir
Into Ithilien
The Siege of Cair Andros
The Steward’s Fear
The Druadan Forest
Encounter at Amon Din
Assault on Osgiliath
The Blood of Gondor
The Morgul Vale
Ringmaker cycle
The Fords of Isen
To Catch An Orc
Into Fangorn
The Dunland Trap
The Three Trials
Trouble in Tharbad
The Nin-in-Eilph
Celebrimbor’s Secret
The Antlered Crown

More cycles will be added as the series progresses.

Thumbnail art by Magali Villeneuve for FFG

4 thoughts on “There and Back Again

    1. At this point, I doubt it will be continued. The author of these articles dropped the game a while back, and while I believe that they have picked it up again, I haven’t had contact about this project for some time. I will try to reconnect and see what can be done.


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