Ered Mithrin

With the previous cycle taking place in the far south of Middle Earth, this cycle takes us back to our roots in the region of Mirkwood, the Grey Mountains, and the Kingdom of Dale. The following encounter sets are used throughout the cycle: Wild Creatures, Lost in Wilderland, Dragon Might, Grey Mountain Goblins, Hills of Wilderland, Deep Underground, Afraid of the Dark, Gathering Gloom, Fell Beasts, Dark Woods, Lost Caves.

The story picks up where the Haradrim cycle ended and has you relocate the band of Haradrim to Dale. On the way there, you encounter fleeing Trolls and other wild creatures that are leaving Wilderland in a hurry. When you inform the King of Dale about this, he explains that this is likely due to the resurgence of Dragons in Rhovanion, and he tasks you with tracking one down in the Iron Hills in return for the safety of the Haradrim in Dale. After slaying the fire-drake in the Iron Hills, it tells that its brood-mother, Dagnir, will come to seek revenge and will burn Wilderland to the ground in order to avenge her child. To prevent this, the heroes go dragon-hunting in the Withered Heath, but find only broodlings and cold-drakes, nothing that matches the description of Dagnir. You do discover an Orc named Urdug, who knows of the dragon and is willing to lead you to her, at the price of recovering some items and a Troll. When Urdug tries to escape afterwards, you take him captive and transport him to a Woodmen stronghold called Hrothgar’s Hill. There you plan your next move, when suddenly the settlement is attacked by Dagnir. After fending off the attack, it is obvious that you need stronger weapons, capable of killing dragons, but you also discover that Urdug is missing. You set out seek the sword Wormsbane that was used by Fram to kill Scatha a long time ago. But with the sword broken, the heroes first have to reforge the blade at Durin’s first forge at Gundabad before facing the dragon. With the dragon’s threat out of the way, the orcs of Gundabad lay siege to the mountain in order to reclaim the stronghold and the wealth gathered by the dragon. They are rallied by Urdug, who you face off in the final scenario.

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Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Deep
  • Guarded (X)
  • Discover
  • Loot


  • None

Player card Synergy

  • Dale/Esgaroth
  • Beorning
  • Woodman
  • Eagle
  • Player Guarded cards
  • Silvan
  • Dwarves
  • Hobbit
  • Istari
  • Creatures