Deckbuilding: The Fortress of Nurn

For my first article of this year I´m interrupting my current deckbuilding series of the Angmar Awakened cycle, to write about a quest that I played "I-lost-count-of-how-many" times during the last month: The Fortress of Nurn, the final adventure pack of the Vengeance of Mordor cycle and with that of the whole game. There is … Continue reading Deckbuilding: The Fortress of Nurn

Deckbuilding: Intruders in Chetwood

It has been a while, but being locked down by the corona virus I’m returning to the Deckbuilding series. With a lot new powerful player cards, especially the contracts, there are a lot more possibilities to build interesting decks designed to beat specific scenarios! I am returning to this series with the Lost Realm and … Continue reading Deckbuilding: Intruders in Chetwood