Vision of the Palantir offers members of the LOTR LCG community to give something back to the group in the form of content. And because not everyone is looking to set up their own site, why not join an already existing one to have your work featured on! While these are voluntary positions, you are given the opportunity to work with the blog to publish articles and improve on already existing articles to help out players old and new. Joining the blog in this way grants you access to the private Discord server to help out other members with their articles. You can also more easily ask for help for your own articles there. The few positions on this page are just an indication of what we have to offer. If you feel that your particular skill set could also be used for the blog, please send in your application via the form below.


We have a position open for editors who wouldn’t mind going back through the catalog of articles released over the years and editing them where necessary. This could mean fixing spelling mistakes, image sizes, or adding information that wasn’t known at the time (like newly released cards that would work well against a particular scenario).

Writer (AleP)

With the first cycle of AleP cards released last year, it might be time to start working on scenario analyses for their quests. I’m looking for people familiar with the AleP quests, who can apply the scenario analysis format I’ve developed over the years to the quests of the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle. You are also welcome to apply my First Impressions format on the player cards of the cycle, analyzing them and perhaps adding a score to them. Again, experience with playing these cards would be nice to have.

Writer (POD)

While plenty of the POD scenarios have been covered so far, I am still missing the custom encounter deck quests. This will be a pretty intense set of articles, hence why I would prefer to have them written by someone who has played the quests a few times and can offer suggestions for which encounter deck sets go well with each other for competitive play. Other POD quests like The Nine are Abroad and the Scouring of the Shire are also up for grabs.

Writer (Series)

Have a good idea for a new series to be featured on the blog? Let me know! I have hosted several series by different authors over the years and it is a great way to add variety to the content on here. I do request that the articles in the series are longer than 1000 words and have some images, as it otherwise might feel a bit like filler to other people.

Writer (Nightmare)

There are still a lot of Nightmare quests to cover, and while I have people working on them already, progress is slow. Any help that you could provide would be fantastic. A prerequisite is that you have at least played the quest in both Normal and Nightmare mode before, either physically or digitally. In particular, I would be looking for someone covering the Nightmare Saga quests, as those have not been started yet.

Interested in any of these positions? Then fill in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope we can help each other to make more content for the community!