The cycle moves the heroes to Dunland and the ancient Noldor Kingdom of Eregion. You will need the Core Set and the Voice of Isengard Deluxe Box. The encounter sets included in the scenarios are Broken Lands, Misty Mountain Orcs, Dunland Raiders, Dunland Warriors, Ancient Forest, and Weary Travellers.

Flavor text for the cycle

Status: FINISHED (NORMAL), I will be taking comments on these articles and also NM versions of these quests if you want to do the write up on that!

Deckbuilding for Ringmaker cycle

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Time X
  • Search X
  • Hinder
  • Scour

Player Card Synergy

  • Silvan
  • Doomed/Isengard
  • Rohan
  • Secrecy