The quest turn to the waters with you battling Corsairs and creatures of the depths on the Belegaer. You will need to own a Core Set and the Grey Havens Deluxe expansion. This gives you access to a lot of smaller encounter decks. The encounter decks are used in the following quests in the cycle: Corsair Pirates, Corsair Raiders, Umbar Fleet, Vast Oceans, Stormy Weather, Drowned Dead, Ruins of Numenor, Stormcaller Elite, The Dreamchaser’s Fleet.

When you arrive at the Grey Havens, you set out with another Gondorian Noblemen who has had a vision. Your fleet sails into the great blue unknown and encounter corsairs who have sailed up from Umbar. You manage to find the Island and come back to Lindon with a black key you found on the island. However, the Corsairs have their mind set on that key and burn down the havens as a distraction for them to steal the key. The Noblemen is killed in the Raid and you set out to revenge him. You catch up to the ship of the corsairs and fight them on their deck. You are assaulted mid-battle by a huge sea monster and band together with the Corsairs to overcome this threat. The captain of the corsairs surrenders after the battle and informs you of an island where you can go to repair the ships. On the Island, you find a Temple where the captain leads you to a chest. Your key and the chest are then stolen by the captain and he flees back to Umbar. You set out to catch him, but are encountered by an entire fleet of Corsairs sent to block your passage. You get past them and catch up with the captain at the city of Umbar. Your fleet crashes on the rocks, and you have to battle your way through the city to claim the box and key!

Ships and Sailing Tests 

Status: COMPLETE, You can either propose to write a Nightmare article on a scenario of this cycle, or look at the next cycle for an unclaimed quest for you to cover.

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Boarding X
  • Heading
  • Aflame X
  • Uncharted
  • Grapple
  • Exploration
  • Underwater
  • Ships


Player Card Synergy

  • Noldor
  • Dual sphere decks
  • Silvan