The quest turn to the waters with you battling Corsairs and creatures of the depths on the Belegaer. You will need to own a Core Set and the Grey Havens Deluxe expansion. This gives you access to a lot of smaller encounter decks. The encounter decks are used in the following quests in the cycle: Corsair Pirates, Corsair Raiders, Umbar Fleet, Vast Oceans, Stormy Weather, Drowned Dead, Ruins of Numenor, Stormcaller Elite, The Dreamchaser’s Fleet.

Narrative for the Dream-chaser cycle

Ships and Sailing Tests 

Status: COMPLETE, You can either propose to write a Nightmare article on a scenario of this cycle, or look at the next cycle for an unclaimed quest for you to cover.

Global Information

Keywords introduced

  • Boarding X
  • Heading
  • Aflame X
  • Uncharted
  • Grapple
  • Exploration
  • Underwater
  • Ships


Player Card Synergy

  • Noldor
  • Dual sphere decks
  • Silvan