New Player Support

Welcome to Lord of the Rings: The Living Card Game. You likely just bought your first Core Set or are browsing the internet for info about the game. This page is designed to help you on your way by linking to useful guides and other resources in this vast community.

How? What? Where? When? Who?

Most questions you may have are likely already answered in this article. Give it a read before you continue this page.

What decks should I build?

For deckbuilding inspiration with just a single Core Set, see this link for all the decks made by the community in the past. RingsDB is a useful tool for publishing decks and net-decking for this game. You can also pick up the four Starter decks released by FFG for a good foundation to your own decks. See this article for more info on them. If you own the Revised Core Set and want to dive into a specific archetype without spending too much on the game, then this article has 10 decks for you to try and make, adding just 1 extra purchase on top of your Core Set.

What does all this jargon mean?

If you want to learn more about the jargon used in the game and on this blog, might I suggest the Urban Dictionary or this episode from COTR.

How do I store my cards?

For tips on how to store your collection, check out the storage hub. Here, more than a dozen players, both veteran and new, have shared their solutions for the game. Different solutions for different-sized wallets and collections!

Cards are standard size if you are looking to sleeve your collection. A total count of cards can be found here so you know how many sleeves you might need. Inner sleeves will fit regular cards, but I suggest standard-size sleeves by any brand. See more recommendations at the various articles on the storage hub.

What should I buy next?

If you are looking to buy cards for specific archetypes (like, if you want a Hobbit deck or something), check out the Archetype analysis page. There you will find all available archetypes in the game at the moment, along with what they do and what expansions you should get for them. If you want a more general answer to the question: “What should I buy next?” then go to this article. There you find recommendations on some ways you can expand your collection. You will also find links there to different buying guides to help you.

Any tips for beating a certain scenario?

Here at Vision of the Palantir, we specialize in giving detailed analyses of quests. For the Core Set scenarios, go to this page and select the quest you are having trouble with. These articles are not really aimed at newer players, as we may mention cards you do not yet own, but the strategies will likely help you against the quest. Remember that it is ok to lose a game or ten against this game. It is a hard game to learn and understand, but all those defeats will make the inevitable victory much sweeter!

My question isn’t here, where can I look for help?

Again, that answer was given in that new player article. Seriously read it this time! You can reach out to the community via the links given at the end of the article. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to me personally via the contact form on the blog. You can also leave a comment below. If I receive general questions that are worth putting up on this page, I will do so!

How can I support the community?

By being awesome and sharing your experiences with the game! If you want to support the community financially, you can browse through this list for creators to pledge to. In return, you can get some exclusive items for the game that they make each year.

I’m not actually new but am helping new players join the game.

Then you should look at this article for decks to bring, quests to play, and more tips on how to introduce players to this wonderful game.

I would also encourage you to have a look through this blog and the various pages I have spent over 4 years working on. While not everything may be suited to new players, I am sure you will learn something from it.