Player Card Analysis

When players first open their Core Set or their new expansions for this game, they don’t always know how good the cards are at first glance and what possible combos it opens up. In this series, Silblade goes through all the player cards in the game in a progression style. For each card, there will be an extended review and a final score depending on how useful this card is combined with the card pool up to that point.

Before reading, I just point out the Final rating at the end of each review, represented by “star-system”. Every card gets own evaluation from me and I shortly explain each star-value:

Very weak and almost unusable card. It is better to avoid this card completely.
Under-average card with arguable or very specific effect / ability. You can use it occasionally, better as a part of sideboard.
Average card, which doesn’t hurt or strengthen your deck considerably. Include this card, if you have a free place or you lack a stronger alternative.
Solid card with good effect / ability. The strength overcomes the potential weakness of this card, so you should consider free place in your deck for this card.
Excellent and very useful card. You shouldn’t miss this card in your deck, because the impact on the game is great.
Something like “super-card.” The impact on the game is so indisputable that it should be “auto-included” card. Heroes aren’t evaluated by this rating, because there aren’t heroes, which would be “auto-included” in your decks (no, not even Éowyn :)).

Note that each section (Heroes, Allies, Events, Attachments and Summary review for the whole sphere) also has its own Final rating. It mustn’t reflect the real average value from all cards of a given section.

For each of adventure pack or expansion (except for the articles from Core set) I also reward the following titles to certain cards:

1. TOP CARD – the best card, which really is a success and you should try to include it to your decks.

2. SHEEP CARD – the opposite of TOP CARD. The weakest card, which really isn’t a success and you should try to avoid it.

3. MOST ENRICHED SPHERE – The sphere that profits from the new set of cards the most.

Shadows of Mirkwood cycle
Core Set: Leadership
The Hunt for Gollum
Conflict at the Carrock
A Journey to Rhosgobel
The Hills of Emyn Muil
The Dead Marshes
Return to Mirkwood
Shadows of Mirkwood cycle conclusion
Dwarrowdelf cycle
Khazad-Dum Deluxe box
The Redhorn Gate
Road to Rivendell
The Watcher in the Water
The Long Dark
Foundations of Stone
Shadow and Flame
Dwarrowdelf cycle conclusion

Against the Shadow cycle
Heirs of Numenor Deluxe box
The Steward’s Fear
The Druadan Forest
Encounter at Amon Din
Assault on Osgiliath
The Blood of Gondor
The Morgul Vale
Against the Shadow cycle conclusion
Ringmaker cycle
Voice of Isengard Deluxe box
The Dunland Trap
The Three Trials
Trouble in Tharbad
The Nin-in-Eilph
Celebrimbor’s Secret
The Antlered Crown
Ringmaker cycle conclusion

Other cycles and expansions will be added in the future.