The narrative from the previous cycle continues in the far south of Middle Earth. For this cycle, you will need the Core Set and the Sands of Harad Deluxe Expansion. This will allow you to the cycle with the following encounter sets: Desert Sands, Desert Creatures, Harad Soldiers, Mordor Orcs, Harad Territory, and Jungle Forest.

The cycle takes off where the Dream-Chaser left you off, stranded in Umbar with enemies all around. You need to escape from the city and find your way to the Harad Road through the Desert. After a battle with Were-worms that inhabit those parts of the earth, you are rescued by a tribe of Haradrim. They are among the few who defy the rule of Mordor and are punished for it when an Orc raiding party sacks the village. They take the son of the chief prisoner. You and the Haradrim flee into the Jungle where you decided to tame wild Mumaks to ride north. You race north to the crossings of the Harnen river but are pursued by Orc warg riders. When you cross the river, you must help save your friends from spiders that lurk beneath the desert sands. After they have been rescued, you decide to raid a passing camp of the Black Serpent of Harad. You learn where the son of the chief is held and try to break him out. When you succeed, you must race north to the Poros river, where the border of Gondor lies. Your party is however pursued by orcs from Cirith Gurat, Haradrim under the command of the Black Serpent, and of the Desert creatures that have made your journey so difficult. Will you reach the Crossings garrison in time?

A Beginners Guide to the Haradrim cycle

Global Information

Keywords Introduced

  • Temperature
  • Objective Heroes
  • On/Off Track



Player Card Synergy

  • Dual trait decks
  • Side-Quests
  • Harad