Storage Hub

Welcome to the Storage Hub, where you can browse the various ways that players in this community store LOTR LCG. There are a million different ways to store encounter cards, player cards, nightmare cards, etcetera, so only 1 article detailing my solutions wouldn’t have been enough. This page serves as a hub for anyone looking for ways to store their cards outside of the original boxes the game came in. The solutions made by people in this community are varied, so you can browse for the solution that best fits you and your budget.

If you want to contribute to this page and send your own storage solutions, feel free to contact me via any means and send me an article detailing the way you store your cards. Add some pictures for visual representation and mail/message them to me. I will make sure that your article will be on this page within a week.

Durins_Father’s solutions

High end solution with expensive deckboxes that prioritizes quality. Modular design for easy portability.

Shellin’s solutions

More affordable option for players with fewer decks. Less portable but takes up less space in your gaming cupboard.

McDog3’s solutions

Modular solution that accommodates Nightmare cards as well. Also excellent storage for tokens and player cards. Shows off a large collection of cards and other LOTR LCG stuff obtained over a long gaming career.

Codus’ solutions

Modular deckboxes that were lasercut and custom made for this game. Excellent solution to bring one deck with you on gamenight. Also includes a custom threat tracker and tokens. High end solution, but a unique one!

Catastrophic’s solutions

A solution that uses inserts for the Core Set boxes to store the cards, as well as chronologically organized binders for the player cards. There is also a solution for people with too many LOTR LCG player mats!

Solanum’s solutions

More suited for players that have not fully invested in the game yet and are looking for a solution as they transition between a Core Set box and their final solution. Ideal for players that do not have LOTR LCG as their main game, being easy to carry and compact to store.

Dave Walsh’s solutions

Custom carboard boxes with artwork of the game, the article also discusses other ways to store your cards if you are not yet ready to invest in such a solution. Links to all the items are in the article as well.

Nemesis’ solution

A foam core insert for your (old style) Core Set box. This is perfect for people who want a lightweight solution for their early card pool. This offers enough ways to expand your collection, while keeping everything in the original box!

Idrial’s solution

A single box with laser engraving and inside map of Middle Earth containing all his cards for the game, and also includes a nice storage system for rulesheets and inserts. Great for people with a medium-sized collection that want a single, self-contained solution.

Kristian Priisholm’s solution

A cheaper solution for those seeking quick protection for their cards. It also includes a system that new players can use to track where in a cycle certain quest cards are used.