First Age

Many years ago, well before the hiatus was announced and the community was still growing, a project was started to allow for the stories of the First Age to be translated in the game’s format. These quests will follow the adventures of some of the greatest heroes and villains of the First Age, which will resonate with anyone who has read the Silmarillion and has wanted content from that age. This task was undertaken by Ian of both Grey Company and TalesftCards fame, and the project has been releasing content ever since. Since this is done by a rather small team, the content is very infrequent, but each expansion comes with new player cards that are only allowed to be used during the First Age quests because of the huge time difference between this expansion and the main game. For more info on this, check out TalesftCards:

First Age (Deluxe)

  • The Isle of Werewolves
  • The Seat of Morgoth
  • Hunting of the Wolf

Doom Mastered Cycle

  • Trial upon the Marshes
  • Among the Outlaws
  • The Betrayal of Mim
  • The Fall of Nargothrond
  • TBD
  • TBD

This list is not final and will be updated with new content as the group releases more info on their expansions. The blog currently has nobody writing content for this yet but would welcome anyone who would like to write scenario analyses or player card reviews for these expansions. Otherwise, they will be delayed until the official content is finished.

Global information

Keywords introduced

  • Corruption
  • Relentless
  • Sneak
  • Hunt
  • Raid
  • Ransom

Player card synergy

Player cards are done a little differently for the First Age expansion. They feature a new Mastery sphere and several traits that have either gone extinct or have morphed into other traits at the time of the Third Age. Since you are also not able to play every card from the official game in this expansion, it would be worth reading through the rules thoroughly before starting this expansion. It will take some getting used to, but the decks are very strong and full of interesting combos that fit the time period that the stories are set in.