Since April 2018 I have been doing monthly polls that you can find on the sidebar of the blog. I will post the results of every Monthly poll on this page, with a short analysis of the results. If you have a suggestion for one of the polls, feel free to let me know.

May 2018: Favorite Against the Shadow scenario?
June 2018: What place should the next cycle go?
July 2018: Favourite Archetype?
August 2018: Favourite 3-cost Lore ally?
September 2018: Favorite Angmar Awakened scenario?
October 2018: Most used Dwarf hero?
November 2018: Most anticipated archetype development from Ered Mithrin
December 2018: Community’s favourite quest (tournament style)
January 2019: Favourite 2/2/2/X ally?
February 2019: Favourite Dream-chaser scenario?
March 2019: Number of decks built at once?
April 2019: What got you into the game?
May 2019: Favourite sphere line-up?
June 2019: Favourite side-quest?
July 2019: Best set of Unique Hobbit cards?
August 2019: Favourite Haradrim scenario?
September 2019: Most used Guarded (X) attachment?
October 2019: Favourite Ered Mithrin scenario?
November 2019: Favourite mono-sphere deck?
December 2019: Community’s favourite hero (tournament style)
January 2020: Favourite Shadows of Mirkwood scenario?
February 2020: Favourite 3 Weapon attachments?
March 2020: Favourite Dwarrowdelf scenario?
April 2020: Favourite 3 Armor attachments?
May 2020: More time for LOTR during quarantine?
June 2020: Favourite Ringmaker scenario?
July 2020: Favourite 3 Mount attachments?
August 2020: What was your next expansion after Core?
September 2020: Favourite 3 Song cards?
October 2020: Would you buy your collection again?
November 2020: Favourite contract?
December 2020: Favourite Vengeance of Mordor scenario?
January 2021: Best unique ship from Hunt for the Dreadnaught?
February 2021: Best of the best cycle scenarios?
March 2021: Favourite Fellowship playmat?
April 2021: Least favourite cycle scenario?
May 2021: Favourite official alt art card?
June/July 2021: Favourite archetype?

August/September 2021: How many alt arts do you own?

October/November 2021: Thoughts on revised Core?

December 2021: Community’s favorite MOTK hero (tournament style)

You can find the polls in the side-bar, feel free to fill it in, I am curious to see what your opinions are on these questions.