Fan-made content

When the game was announced to enter a hiatus back in 2019, the community did not die down. Quite the contrary! Multiple projects were set up to prolong the content for LOTR LCG and keep the community entertained. Since then, several projects have released new scenarios, some even with new player cards to match! This page redirects you to the coverage of fan-made content for the game.

Overview of all projects, including download links

A Long-Extended Party

Legacy of Fëanor

First Age

Defiance of the East

Epic Multiplayer Adaptations

A team of community members has worked hard to adapt some of the regular scenarios into an Epic Multiplayer mode like the mode is used in Siege of Annuminas and Attack on Dol Guldur. These community members took some amazing quests and added a few tweaks to them in order to allow the game to be played with at least 12 players. These adaptations are great for larger (online) events where everyone tries to beat a quest together.