Encounter Set Review: Sauron’s Reach

The eye of Our lord Sauron sees everything. He knows about everything that happens in Middle-earth, no matter how far from Mordor, because His omnipresent servants and dark magic provide to Our lord all information about Our enemies. Hide, Players, and hope you won't get into Our way. For Sauron! Summary review EnemiesLocationsTreacheriesOverall evaluationYOUR NIGHTMAREGOBLIN … Continue reading Encounter Set Review: Sauron’s Reach

Encounter Set Review: Journey Along the Anduin

The journey along the river Anduin might some Players understand as a peaceful walk. On the banks of the Anduin, it doesn't seem that anything should go wrong. But as time is going on, Players are gradually realizing that their progress through the game is somehow slowed. Enemies, locations and treacheries - everything cooperates in order to disgust Player's trip … Continue reading Encounter Set Review: Journey Along the Anduin


The art of smoking pipeweed is a common practice among various races in Middle Earth. Wizards do it, Dwarves do it, and Hobbits have based a part of their economy on it! So it wasn't a huge shock when Pipe and Pipeweed traited cards eventually made their way into the game. While it may seem … Continue reading Pipes

Deckbuilding: Intruders in Chetwood

It has been a while, but being locked down by the corona virus I’m returning to the Deckbuilding series. With a lot new powerful player cards, especially the contracts, there are a lot more possibilities to build interesting decks designed to beat specific scenarios! I am returning to this series with the Lost Realm and … Continue reading Deckbuilding: Intruders in Chetwood