Month in review: March 2018

The second full month of this blog is a fact, and again I am amazed by the support the blog is getting from you guys. Not only have I made a lot more progress with the scenario analyses, but we have also kicked off the Saga scenarios. On top of this, the traits are coming along nicely. It is great fun analysing these more obscure traits that will certainly get more development as the game lives on.


This month the Dwarrowdelf cycle has been completed and work has begun on the Against the Shadow cycle. Since these scenarios are more complicated than say a Long Dark or something, I will be forced to spend some more time in between articles to describe their mechanics and how to beat them. With that said, the scenario’s of the Heirs of Numenor Deluxe expansion have all been covered this month. This month 3 traits have also had their spotlights. I have also posted my thoughts on Storage Solutions and even managed to squeeze in a Q&A. The start of the new Staples mini-series is also something to look out for in the future. I will be bringing some insights in the most commonly used cards for certain mechanics.

Cycle Scenario’s

For April I have planned to finish the Against the Shadow cycle, though that might still be 6 full analyses away at this point. I have already found somebody for the Encounter at Amon Dîn analysis, but will still take any volunteers for the other scenario’s. I am also looking ahead at the next cycle with a twinkling light in my eyes. The Ringmaker cycle is my personal favourite cycle and I will be eager to get to those quests soon.

Trait Analyses

The trait analyses will continue as well. I have covered a lot of the smaller traits this month, so perhaps it is time for some of the more developed traits to get a spotlight. I have got some plans to do Gondor in the near future. As we get more expansions in the game, I hope a couple of new traits will emerge as well, otherwise, I foresee that the list I have on the trait page will soon be completed.

Saga Scenario’s

Another great thing is the start of the Hobbit saga analyses. These scenarios can be quite tricky as they involve different quirky mechanics. David Walsh has done great work with the first scenario already. The Lord of the Rings campaign is still far ahead unless somebody wants to kick those off early.

Nightmare Scenario’s

I know some of you have been asking about Nightmare scenario analyses. But this is where things get a bit difficult ( and not just the quests). You see, I don’t own any of the Nightmare scenario’s and have frankly never played them yet. I will be the first to admit that I am not that great of a player and the regular scenarios are kicking my butt in Normal mode from time to time. If anyone has an interest in doing these, feel free to step forward. You will be doing folks a great service.


At the end of March I started the new Staples mini-series. I will be continuing this series by posting more articles on mechanics in the following months. If there are any mechanics or staples you would like me to discuss, let me know and I’ll put it on my priority list.

Additional Articles

There might be the odd article here and there about some ramblings in my head at the time, you can check out the News page for a list of those. I will also be taking suggestions if anyone has some in-depth questions about my vision of the game or certain mechanics.

The Future

There is still no real upload schedule for me, as life beyond the blog is starting to take up a bit more of my time. I will have exams coming up in the first week of April, so don’t expect much from me at that time. The rest of the month should be rather quiet, so I’ll have more time to spend on getting the Against the Shadow cycle done.

With all that said and done, I feel honoured having over 7000 views of the blog from people of 47 countries around the world. This is a great tool to express my thoughts and idea’s to the worldwide community. While the blog is still not very interactive, I hope some players will start to post their decklists in the comments of scenario’s they have beaten with it. I will also be taking criticism from people who disagree with certain statements if they can be supported by facts. If anyone has any tricks or tips for certain scenario’s that I have overlooked, I will personally edit the article to make sure your suggestion is in there. I am also making steps to ensure that the blog will become a bit more interactive by posting polls on Twitter on what scenario’s you guys would like me to cover next.

While the news from FFG has been next to non-existent, I will continue the blog to make sure I catch up to recent content. At the moment we are 4.5 cycles behind so there will be enough to catch up on while the Wilds of Rhovanion are being distributed.

So in short, work continues throughout April. Enjoy the spring now that the world turns green again!

Aa’menealla nauva calen ar’malta

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