Month in Review: April 2018

This month the blog celebrated its 10.000 views. I would like to thank you all for visiting the site so much and taking your time to read the articles that are posted here. In terms of articles, I didn’t come as far as I had hoped because of my studies that are still taking up a lot of time. I will have some time during May to continue the articles, but how far we get remains to be seen.


I was suprised to see so many great reactions to the Archer trait analysis that went up on April Fool’s Day. It is great that this community shares a common sense of humour. The post was one of the most popular of this month, but not the best one. That honour goes to the two articles I wrote on Community Resources and my complete description of the LOTR LCG Collection. These articles I wrote for new comers to the game, of which there seem to be more these past few weeks. I hope that the articles are helpful to them and I will look to update them with new Resources whenever one arises.

Cycle Scenarios

I am sure to finish the Against the Shadow cycle in May and will continue with these scenario analyses. I will be getting help from a guest author who has volunteered to do some of the quests as well. This should hopefully accelerate the rate at which these articles are posted. In the end, I hope to have made it halfway through the Ringmaker cycle this time next month. That should put us in a nice position to catch up on recent content.

Saga Scenarios

I have made pages listing the Saga scenarios, and multiple people have approached me to write some of the scenario analyses on those. Look forward to seeing some articles on those quests in the coming month. I will personally focus only on the regular cycle scenarios, so the Saga’s will come as quick as the guest authors can write them.

Trait Analyses

A quick teaser of what the poll this month has revealed to me: you guys would like me to do archetype analyses (Secrecy decks, Mono-sphere decks, Victory Display decks) besides the regular trait analyses. So I have already updated the page and will start to do those analyses when I find the time and inspiration. There are just some cards that build a specific deck beyond sharing a common trait. I want to explore those archetypes and give you my opinion of it. Look forward to those in the next month, besides the regular traits.


I have not really wrote a lot of articles on this catagory this month, but I hope to find some time during the next month in between other articles to write about threat reduction. These articles usually take less time to write than analyses of quests, but I wanted to focus on the scenarios as that is the main thing the blog is about. The series will continue though, so be on the look out for that.

Additional Articles

I have wrote several of these in the last month, and I might do some more on community things or the game in general. I know that there is a lot of fan-made content out there, so perhaps an article on that may come in the future. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

The Poll

I have made a poll at the beginning of the month in which I asked you, the community, to review the blog and its articles. I will make a different article on the results of that poll and the consequenses it may have in the future. Don’t be alarmed, the blog will continue, but I wanted to improve the quality of the posts a little. On the future any potential Patreon account, see the upcoming article as well.

The Future

May will be a busy month for me, as I will be closing my final semester. This will mean a lot of projects and papers that need to be handed in. Because of this, my posts will likely be reduced in frequency (but not in quality, I hope). If the guest authors get rolling, they should make up for my lack in content and keep you entertained.

I will also be doing some stuff behind the scenes, updating older posts with new cards or fixing mistakes I made that you guys pointed out. This might not be as flashy as a new article, but will still be valuable to new players.

With the announcement of the Ered Mithrin cycle, I am looking forward to the new quests and the developing of the Dale and Beorning archetypes. I will have to review my own Beorning Trait analysis with the new Grimbeorn hero and the new goodies that the trait will receive in this cycle. But that is work for another time, for now, I want to thank you guys again for the support, and be sure to check back as I end the Against the Shadow cycle.

Aa’menealla nauva calen ar’malta

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