Monthly Poll: July 2018

It has been another month since I posted the poll on what archetype the community likes to play with most. Since there were so many options, I allowed everyone to give their top 3, just to even the playing field a little. Let’s find out whether an old archetype is still popular or if the new kid on the block, Dale, has won the hearts of community members.

In total I have collected 102 votes on different archetypes, this is more than enough to have a clear picture on what the new hotness is this summer.

Poll votes July bar

I am glad to announce that we have a winner this month: Rangers and Traps appear to be the communities favourite archetype at this moment. Undoubtedly this is because the awesome cards this archetype got in Crossings of Poros. Followed and Emyn Arnen Ranger have made sure that the Trap deck is now also contributing to the quest more than before. In an upcoming Trap article, we will discuss the archetype in depth and will focus on how to build your deck around it.

In a shared second place, with 10 points each are the Dale and Silvan archetypes. Dale was to be expected, as it currently is one of the archetypes that is being fleshed out more. With the upcoming cycle of adventure packs, the trait will really come into its own and will compete with other traits for the strongest and most fun archetype to play as. Speaking of fun archetypes, I was pleasantly surprised to find Silvans this high up the list. Bouncing allies between the board and my hand has always been a fun game to me, and it looks like others tend to agree.

Third place goes to the Rohan and the Noldor trait. Both are very widespread in terms of their card pool, and they make for great decks that can quest well, and pack a decent punch. The Mountain of Fire expansion will also have strengthened the Rohan trait with a new hero and some fun cards to play with. Noldor is still going strong since milling your deck is a lot of fun. Noldor heroes are very common in community decks, and I tend to run Noldor as well from time to time.

Going to the bottom end of the list, we encounter some archetypes that need some more cards to be fully fleshed out. Victory Display and Isengard/Doomed are not yet at the same power level as other archetypes, nor have they received many cards in recent expansions. I was a bit surprised about Outlands only having 2 votes, but then again, it’s Outlands, so winning with it seems a bit unfair towards the encounter deck.

You will have noticed that there was 1 unspecified answer, and I had to look it up to see what archetype I had forgotten for the list. The unspecified answer was the Beorning trait. I have a hairy feeling that I know who this is from, but I do like the spoiled cards for the Beorning trait in upcoming packs. Grimbeorn looks amazing and should be a decent replacement for my Beregond in many decks as a defender.

We will now look towards the month of August, and the new poll it will bring with it. I had a hard time finding a good topic, but I eventually went through my binders and found there to be a lot of 3 cost Lore allies, with varying degrees of utility. So the next poll that I would like everyone to answer is this: What is your favourite 3-cost Lore ally currently in the game? Fill in your votes before the end of August!

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