Lure of Middle Earth Announcement

While GenCon and Con of the Rings are both great conventions for anyone interested in this game, there is a downside to them: They are both in the United States. This makes it difficult for many European players to attend these events without paying a lot extra on trans-Atlantic plane tickets. This is where Lure of Middle Earth comes in.

Lure of Middle Earth

The event is set in an old German castle, which is a great setting for a game like this. While it was originally set up for other LOTR games, LOTR LCG has been one of the more popular games there during the past few years. This year will be especially interesting for the game, as lead developer Caleb Grace will attend Lure of Middle Earth 2019. This gives you another reason to attend the event, which will be hosted during the spring of 2019. While the event is set in Europe, native English speakers don’t have to be afraid that the event will only be done in German. We Europeans speak more than one language, so you will fit in just fine! This is a great oppertunity to take in some culture and beautiful scenery while playing games in a castle.

Sadly, I myself will not be able to join Lure of Middle Earth 2019 since I will be graduating around that time, but I am looking to attend the event in 2020. I still wanted to give the event a shout out though, as it is the biggest European event that hosts this game and since a large part of this blog’s audience is European, this article might reach people who haven’t heard of the event up to now. 

Following below is a short summary of the event made by people who are hosting it. There will also be a link to the official website with sign in forms and lists of activities. I hope you can attend the event, and I am sure it will be a great weekend. And now, a word of the organizers:

Lure of Middle-earth 2019 with Caleb Grace!

Over the past few years, Castle Stahleck has become a new European cult event for Lord of the Rings cardplayers. Originally, in 1999, MECCG players came up with the idea of launching an annual meeting. In 2015, the LCG game developed by Fantasy Flight Games was added to the program. This resulted in an immense increase in teammates, both new and experienced players.

With many different tournaments from March 8th to 10th 2019 again a diverse program is offered. In addition to games for beginners and many deckbuilding tips, a Marathon Challenge, classic Fellowships, the cooperative and competitive Fellowship2018, an epic Multiplayer Game, a Nightmare Survival Mode, the Free Races of Middle-earth and a Drinking Game are offered. And all this in connection with the atmosphereof a big knight’s hall!

Even Dol Guldur gets attempted at the event

Especially the very atmospheric and historic castle were predestined for this event. Also very special is the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of all participants. Many international players from Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands, for example, are looking forward to seeing each other again and experiencing thrilling adventures in Middle-earth together. There will be expected over 100 people this year, forging plans from morning to late at night to successfully withstand all adversities in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien.

And as a special highlight in 2019, the lead designer of the LCG game from the US / USA will be there for the first time: Caleb Grace! Especially from October 12 to 15, 2018, he was able to witness the Con of the Rings for the first time (as the first convention in the US/USA) and expressed himself very positively on the FFG homepage in his Designer Journal.

For the castle event, there are only very few places available in the youth hostel including all meals. All important information can be found on the website Furthermore, a forum for all players has been set up to contact the community in advance.

Since 2016 I’ve been twice to the Lure of Middle-earth to Bacharach and was just thrilled! Already, you feel like in a small family and can hardly wait for the start. The organizers Wolfgang and Dominik have really built something very special. And it’s just great to see that the community gets bigger every year and has a lot of fun together: a fantastic and cool event!

Thalion himself will attend this year, great oppertunity to get your ally cards signed!

If you would like to be part of this event next year: do not hesitate and register on the website we look forward to seeing you!

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