Monthly Poll: March 2019

With the winter slowly making place for spring, another month comes to an end to the blog. It has been a month of deckbuilding and storage solutions for me, and as I knew that beforehand, I wanted the monthly poll to reflect that. As such, I was interested in how many decks people have built and ready to go at the same time. I knew before I started that I would be one of the outliers, having 14 ready at the same time. But I still found it interesting to see how many of you build a deck for a specific scenario, and what the upper limit of number of decks was.

Before I share the results, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the poll. Despite everyone only getting 1 vote, we still got a lot more votes in than usual. This undoubtedly was influenced by the multi-deck building article and the storage hub that went live this month. In total, we have 121 individual votes in, which means we have a good representation of the entire community.

With quite a margin, the majority of players tend to have a handful of decks ready at all times. 2/3 decks was the most popular, as I feel that that number of decks can still stand on their own while making optimal use of staples without too much intersection. These decks can be made based on decks found online, but I didn’t query where the decks originated from.

I was surprised at how many of you actually build your decks specifically for a scenario. With 1 deck taking the top spot, many of you take the deckbuilding aspect of this game seriously and custom build for each scenario you wish to take down. While this is not my personal style of play, it can be one of the more powerful ones, as you can build with certain encounter cards in mind. Against some scenarios, this is the only way you can manage to survive, especially against some tougher scenarios like Carn Dum.

Between the two options that included the 4/5 decks (which I though would be the sweetspot) it can be seen that theme is more attractive than strength when deckbuilding. This means that in order to sustain 4/5 decks, people will gravitate towards thematic, single traited decks instead of making multiple powerful ones.

Looks like my multi-deck building article did rub off on some players, since 8 people admit to have got more than 11 decks at once. This means that 6 others are as crazy as me, as both me and my brother (who plays with my 14 decks) both ticked that box. I have seen another player adopting my storage style and the rainbow of sleeves, so I am glad I won’t be the only one needing counselling to deal with this quirk.

The members of this community either go with a lot of decks, or just a handful, as the options between 5 and 11 are the least popular. While this may be caused by cardpool issues or storage complications, it is still a noticeable trend where players tend to either go for a lot of decks, or just a few.

And that is all that can be concluded from this month’s poll. For the new poll that will be held throughout April, I’d quite like to know about what was the first taste you got of this game. How did you first learn about the game and how did you get convinced to buy into this game. It may be as simple an answer as that you got the Core Set as a present. For me, it was coming across the old Progression Series on Youtube, and the rest is history. I wonder how many of you share this introduction to the game, and what other weird series of events got you into the game. Expect the results around this time next month.

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