Storage Solutions: Solanum

Not everyone owns all of the content straight away, but still need a way to store the various cards. In today’s article, BGG user Solanum shares her storage solutions for a smaller collection. This is more of a transition solution for those slowly expanding beyond the Core Set. If you want to write an article like this, then feel free to reach out via the many community outlets and I will see if I can post the article on the hub within a few days.

We own upwards of 100 board games and have limited storage space of 2 Kallax (IKEA cabinet) units. When I started collecting LOTR:LCG, I intended to stick to saga expansions and store them in all in the original box. I was surprised and disappointed to find that the newer style core set box isn’t tall enough to accommodate cards with dividers, so I had to find a different solution.

Easy to bring your entire collection with you

After considering many, many options shared by generous players at Board Game Geek and other online sources, I happened across a very clever chap who stored his collection in wine presentation boxes. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember who this was or where I saw it! I’d never even heard of a wine presentation box, but it turned out to be a wooden box with a removable divider down the middle (you can get boxes in various sizes — to hold one bottle, two, three, etc), a hinged lid and a clasp. Closed, it looks like a jewellery box or treasure chest, if you’re fanciful. I found a suitable presentation box in a dark stain on Amazon for £12. At some point in the future, I might stencil Tolkien’s sigil, or perhaps Gandalf’s rune, in gold metallic paint on the lid of the box, but chances are I will never get around to it, and in fact it does look really good just plain. I was delighted that the two sections designed for housing a wine bottle in each actually were (nearly) a perfect fit for unsleeved cards. I dislike sleeves and never sleeve any cards in any game.

It turned out that the interior wooden divider was slightly bowed which made one row of the box too tight, so I removed the divider (it just slotted in) and replaced it with a piece of heavy cardboard that I cut to fit.

Inside of the box, using Ryno dividers

For dividers, I use The Lord of the Rings LCG Horizontal Dividers by Ryno, which I printed on card and laminated. They fit perfectly in the box, and the lid shuts just fine!

The entire core set and all saga expansions fit in the box, with room to spare to store a bag containing all the tokens and markers, threat dials, and whatever two decks we’ve been using lately (at the moment, we’re playing through The Hobbit: Over Hill and Underhill and we have the decks suggested on the back of the rule book assembled and kept in the box).

The rule books and notes I’ve printed from online sources are kept in a ring binder. This binder serves a dual purpose to store notes about War of the Ring and LOTR LCG. This saves space on the shelf.

LOTR LCG and War of the Ring in just 1 Kallax block

We have a 2-player mat that we keep in its original cardboard tube. (Snagged it at a convention earlier this year and it makes such a difference to game play. We love it!)

Using this system, I can house War of the Ring with expansions plus notes AND Lord of the Rings LCG with saga expansions plus notes in one square of a kallax unit.

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