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The storage solution articles haven’t really picked up after last month, so I was very happy when Nemesis sent me his solution which I wanted to share with you today. If you want to share your own storage solution with the community, feel free to reach out with some pictures and a few words on your solution. These articles have inspired a bunch of people in the past who were looking for a solution to store this game. If you happen to have any questions on this article concerning the solution, you can find Nemesis in the COTR Discord server to ask questions directly.

Core Storage

Still a great early storage box

With the recent re-prints, I’ve been able to catch up on the earlier content. I have been adding to my collection. A few bits here and there, nothing substantial. I’m very much at the early stages, so I wanted to concentrate on the Core box as a storage solution and organise my Ered Mithrin cycle as a side project a bit down the road. Whilst it’s key to get a viable storage solution in place for further cycles, I wanted something I could get to the table and be ready to go. I have fallen foul of storage being a game unto itself. I wanted to move my focus towards playing the actual game.

I have everything I need in one box. Well, except The Dead Marshes, but let’s not get started on that one! I have player cards split into Dragon Shield boxes, I have tokens in boxes, I have cards in bags, and I have APs still in the packs. It’s a mess.

Folded Space

My usual storage solution would be Broken Token. I’ve used a Token insert for Caverna and it did exactly what I needed it to do, which was to organise a million bits and pieces. The resource tray is worth it’s weight in gold. I digress.

Whilst looking online for LotR re-prints I noticed Folded Space inserts a few times and thought it would be worth a look. They are cheaper than the usual MDF inserts and are generally less heavy in the box.

Folded Space create their box inserts with a mix of foam core with thick paper backing. As you can see, they come apart really easily. No snagging of the paper, like cardboard tokens tend to do. Gates of Loyang I’m looking at you. Like the Broken Token inserts, you’ll be needing PVA glue. However, unlike BT, the glue is key here and they do recommend it. Sometimes with the wooden inserts you can get away with not using it. With the foam core don’t skip it.

My recommendation would be to lay out all the sheets on the table and dry fit the pieces first before applying the glue.

Your card insert trays are designed to stay within the box and you can mix and match card trays with token trays as per your personal setup.

A 20 minute build later will get you, hopefully, something like this…

2 rows to hold card, with a row in the middle to customize

They are kind enough to supply a few different tray setups, so you can configure as you see fit.

Stackable trays for tokens and trackers
For when you need to store more cards

Overall a good insert for the money which doesn’t add substantial weight to the box. It gives me enough room for everything in the Core and Mirkwood cycle with plenty left over. 

Plenty of space for your early cardpool!

The fit is precise, the build nice and straightforward. If you’re looking for an easy solution to your first piece of storage I would give this a serious consideration. Be aware they have two SKUs depending on your box size and, if you’re using the newer boxes, it will sit the lid up a bit.

Happy storing!

One thought on “Storage Solutions: Nemesis

  1. Nice article! I bought this one as well, and can confirm this insert can comfortably contain Core set + Mirkwood + Dwarrowdelf (deluxe included) along with two sleeved decks. Player card piles organized by sphere are just thin enough to fit into one compartment with these expansions.


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