Storage Solutions: Kristian Priisholm

Another storage article for you today, one that was recently shared in facebook group, but I was asked to put it up on the hub so that more people can enjoy the article without having to dig through the group’s posts. This solution is a lot cheaper than some of the earlier ones posted, but still provides good portability and good protection of your cards. There is also a system to find what quest cards belong where in a cycle, which can be useful for newer players who are a bit overwhelmed by the cards they just received.

My storage solution

Key words: Neat, cheap, efficient.

Player cards

Player cards are in binders, sorted by sphere, then type, then cost. The cards are not sleeved in the binders, except heroes, but I sleeve decks, especially since I often make decks for multiplayer and the different color sleeves make it easy to keep the cards apart.

Here is a look at some cards in the Istari “sphere”.

At the end of the last binder I have the booklets from the deluxe expansions.

Encounter cards

I store encounter cards in Fat Packs from MTG. 

One Pack stores one cycle and since the Packs are guite tall there’s room for the text inserts. 

Below you can see first the 3 deluxe Adventures and then the 6 expansions. The red cards show where each Adventure starts. 

I sleeve the encounter cards that are used at the start of the Adventure to make them easy to find (quest stages and cards that start in and out of play). Below is an example.

I found it irritating that I couldn’t easily tell where an Adventure fit in a cycle, so I put a little mark on the first quest stage of each Adventure to show that. Below you can see the 3 Adventures from the Sands of Harad deluxe and then the first two expansions (don’t feint, the marks are on the sleeves, not the cards…) 

For counters I found some very nice little boxes.

When opened the tops serve as a tray for counters.

And the whole thing fits neatly into the 2nd edition core set box with room for threat counters and such too. You can see that the Fat Pack also has room for a deck. When I finish an Adventure it goes to the back of the Pack so here I am two Adventures away from finishing the cycle.

If you want to share your storage solution like this and have it posted in the Storage Hub, feel free to reach out to Durins_Father in the community. You can write an article similar to the ones already on the hub, and include some pictures of your solutions. Sharing your solution will help many newer players with the search for a storage solution that fits them best.

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