Monthly Poll: October 2019

As the leaves fall down, another month comes to an end. In this month I put up a new poll on the blog where you could fill in your favourite two scenarios of the recently completed Ered Mithrin cycle. This cycle had a few amazing quests, but also a few very long slogs through the encounter deck. Putting all 9 quests against each other yielded some obvious, and some surprising conclusions.

In total, the poll received 83 votes and we have a clear top 3 and a clear loser for this poll. Big thank you to everyone who participated. And now, the results!

The top spot, with more than a quarter of all votes goes to Fire in the Night. This quest is unique as it has the Dragon Dagnir burning down a town while you struggle to defeat a pile of side-quest to stop the assault. The theme and art of this scenario is great, and you really have to be ready to defend the dragon’s attacks before it burns down the town. While you can have the city tank a few hits from Dagnir, you should get your defender up as soon as possible while you clear the new side-quests that get revealed every round. Some provide enemy buffs while in the staging area, while others allow you to heal the town when defeated. During the late game, Dagnir starts paying attention to you, and you’ll be having to defend 2 attacks each round! Great scenario to play with friends, but be sure to bring your best decks, else the town will burn down in dragon-fire.

The second spot goes to Mount Gundabad. This quest has you explore the orc stronghold for a forge to get your dragon-killing sword back together. All the while, Dagnir stalks you through the mountain, which leads to an epic clash at the end. The quest is a bit faster paced than other quests that use the Deep keyword, and with some more unique locations thrown into the Caves Deck, you will have quite a challenge ahead of you. But hey, no-one ever said killing dragons was easy.

The third place goes to Journey Up the Anduin, which is the first quest of the cycle and returns us to the scene of one of the most played scenarios by this community: Journey along the Anduin. This quest returns several encounter sets from the Core Set, including a new deck made up out of old enemy cards, including the Hill Troll. The mechanics in this quest are different than the original Anduin quest though, and you will have to help out some Woodmen trying to protect their settlement. The scenario concludes with a battle at the Old Ford, where all enemies start to engage you, which can lead to some tense battles as you try to win. A great call back to one of the most beloved quests from the older cycles, but with enough variation to make it stand out.

At the bottom of the list are 2 quests that I expected to be this low on the list. The Withered Heath and Ghost of Framsburg aren’t quest you play for a quick game. In higher player counts, you can spend a couple of hours on these quests as you try to advance. The Withered Heath I don’t find as bad, though the damage cap on the Dragon makes you need to keep chipping away at him and have amazing luck in the early game with finding signs. If you don’t have this luck, the Dragon heals all damage halfway through the game and you are forced to bring it down again in the final stage. But the worst quest of this cycle (and I am surprised that it got a single vote) is Ghost of Framsburg. I really like that the Discover keyword made a return from Ruins of Belegost, but this keyword isn’t the most consistent one. You can have a lot of objectives show up late, or discard them early without a way to return them before they get reshuffled. This can make Ghost of Framsburg drag on for a long time while you battle shades and continue to explore locations. People are logging 30+ rounds of this scenario, after which you have played your entire deck and are just hoarding resources for no reason. This quest needs some way to advance quicker, or people with bad luck will continue the game until they too die and their shades join the encounter deck.

With this poll now finished, it is time to look at the poll for next month. This won’t be another scenario comparison, but instead a contest of spheres. For November, I would like to have you vote for your favourite mono-sphere decks. The reviews of each sphere should be out by now or will follow within the week of this poll going live. Since there are only 4 options, I am giving everyone just one vote. So vote now for your Mono-tactics Eagle deck, or your mono-Lore Trap deck. I will be back with the results at the end of November, after which I will have a big poll waiting for the entire community.

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