Month in Review: October 2019

With the year coming to a close soon, it is time to look at what October gave us in terms of LOTR LCG content. While the community thrived with Con of the Rings being a big part of the early weeks of the month, FFG dropped the ball and didn’t release any new articles to us. On top of that, the Wrath and Ruin adventure pack got delayed (since it is likely on the same boat as Marvel), which meant no new content for the community to dive into. This meant that the community had to entertain itself with some more articles and videos on older things. But as depressing as that might sound, the blog has been plowing onward, with new articles being released and a lot more ready to go for next month!


With no news from FFG, I had to create some articles on the other things that happened. Lucky for us, Con of the Rings provided a perfect place for me and the rest of the community to create stories to tell in our articles, podcasts, and videos. This all led to a wonderful weekend that I hope will be even better next year! I had a few articles lined up already in anticipation that I wouldn’t be blogging much during the Con. So let’s find out what the blog got in terms of articles this month!

Scenario analysis

There were no scenario analyses done this month, since I was a bit pre-occupied with other projects. But rest assured, November will contain at least one of these articles as I have begun working on the Dungeons of Cirith Gurat. The other authors have their own schedules, but you could see up to 3 new scenario analyses up on the blog by this time next month.

Traits and Staples

While all traits have already been covered (at least until they receive an update), I have been working on the mono-sphere articles. These focus on what you need to look out for during a mono-sphere build of your deck. These have been received rather well and I hope that they will help out when designing your mono-sphere decks. Creating all 4 of these was a lot of fun and I hope to see what your favourite is by using the outcome of the monthly poll in the side-bar of the blog. Other than these, there don’t seem to be any other traits or mechanics for me to cover, so I will let the Traits section settle for a moment, while I will continue on the Staples in the months to come. There are plenty of Staple articles that can be created, so I will try and knock out a few of those before the year is over.

Storage Hub

Yes, we received an update on the Storage hub this month. It was an article by me, updating my own storage article with all the loot that I have received at Con of the Rings. I also went further in depth with the parts that hadn’t changed. The second version of the storage solutions article has proven to be one of the most popular articles of this year, so let’s see how close this update can get to it! I will continue to update the Storage Hub with new articles as I receive them, though currently my inbox is empty.

Player card review

The player card review series had an update at the start of the month, where the first cycle was concluded. From there, the series will continue with the next cycle. Expect an article on the Khazad-Dum Deluxe box player cards in the near future.


The Deckbuilding series took a break this month while it is gearing up for the final two scenarios of the Ringmaker cycle. These should come out soon, with Celebrimbor’s Secret already in draft form at this time. Look forward to seeing the decklists appear on RingsDB as well!

Additional articles

This month saw plenty of additional articles, including my recap of the Con of the Rings 2019 convention, and the article detailing the loot of this year. I am very happy with the support that these articles have received, and have some plans for additional articles in the months to come. One of these I have already put in motion, where I put out a poll where people from this community can vote for expansions to this game that are worth picking up. The results of this poll will be processed in an article that will include a list of what expansions are worth getting for their quests and for their player cards. This should help players who are new to the game and who want to start off with a couple of good packs, but also players who are looking to buy a few extra copies of adventure packs for more copies of some staple cards. Expect this article to appear somewhere in November. I am also preparing some end-of-the-year articles that will be out in 2 months time, but will have more info on those at the end of November.

The Future

October was a very relaxed month for me, but November will be slightly more nerve-wrecking. I will have my thesis defence this Tuesday, which means that my blogging capabilities will be limited for the first week of November. Assuming this all goes to plan, I will pass and will have the rest of the month (and honestly the rest of the year) free to do whatever I want. This will likely include another tournament style poll for December, but will also include me trying to finish the Haradrim cycle and maybe sneak in some Nightmare articles in the free time I will end up having. With all of the Vision of the Palantir loot now gone, I do have a bit more free time that I do not have to spend on my patches. I also won’t start worrying about next year’s loot just yet, as I first want to look at the budget that I’ll have for next year. I hope to have more articles out soon and hope to end this year on a high note!

~Aa’menealla nauva calen ar-malta~

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2 thoughts on “Month in Review: October 2019

  1. No worries about being busy for your defence! Your blog (and other blogs/podcasts) have plenty to look at or revisit.

    Personally, my favourite article i keep re-reading is the one on multi-deck building. Not only does it give some tips and inspiration, you also show your built decks — they do change over time, but a snapshot-in-time does tell a fascinating story of what you like to build, and how you split your staples!

    I’d be interested to read if and how other people keep multiple decks built. Likewise, a snapshot of their currently built decks would be cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To help keep the Reddit lotrlcg community active, I have introduced Alt Art cards there every day in October and continuing through November.

    Please feel free to visit there for additional new LOTR:LCG related content, as well as continuing to visit this excellent blog!


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