Month in Review: July 2021

Is it just me, or are these months going by super quickly? Maybe this is because we didn’t get a lot of new things in July, but it did seem shorter than usual. Oh well, it means that Con of the Rings will start a lot faster in that case 🙂 In this article, I will be going over the important news bits that we got this month, and we will look at what happened on the blog in July as well. While I haven’t made a ton of articles, I did make a lot of progress on the loot! I will be making a few more changes before finalizing the loot next month and making plans for distributing the loot too!

July 2021

There is no news related to the physical game this month. However, a rumor did pop up that spoke of an announcement by FFG regarding the game in August. I personally expect a revised Core Set, just like what Arkham received, but it could also be the new FAQ or something else entirely. Check out next month’s article for more details. The biggest announcement that I get to share this month is the introduction of the Dragn site, which is a site that allows players to play LOTR LCG in their browser. This has a lot of advantages over OCTGN and TTS, and will be my preferred method of playing the game online. Shout out to Seastan for making us all look bad with his quarantine project!

Scenario analyses

Only one scenario analysis was completed this month, which was on the City of Ulfast. We are hard at work to complete some more POD and Saga articles, which hopefully can be released next month. The rest of the Vengeance of Mordor cycle will also be concluded soon, but I will need some time before I start to crack the Land of Sorrow. Work is also continuing on the Saga series, so more articles will be released soon for the two campaigns in the coming months.

Nightmare analyses

No new Nightmare articles were released this month, but I did make a good amount of progress on the NM article for Road to Rivendell. This will be my next priority to finish this next month, and I might just continue to do Watcher in the Water next before going back to the regular scenarios. Work is also being done for the NM Redhorn Gate article, so I hope that we can soon update you on the progress of the first half of the Dwarrowdelf cycle.

There and Back Again

Because of a request I received from a fan of this series, we found 2 of the drafts for older TABA articles for the Redhorn Gate and Road to Rivendell. Both articles were published; I am just waiting on the decklists to add to them. I am not certain that the series will continue past this point, but we will see. Dragoncymru will also hopefully complete the next Middle Earth Tour article on the blog next month.

Encounter Set Reviews/Player card reviews

The encounter set review series started with the first AP series, which made for a pretty lengthy article. While the series will continue with the Shadows of Mirkwood series, the author will first continue with his Player card review series, which will go on to discuss the cards from the Druadan Forest AP.

Additional Articles

There are no additional articles that have been released in July. I also do not have anything in the pipeline besides the regular articles. Should something pop up in my head that I can write an article for, you’ll be able to find it on the blog soon. If you have suggestions on what topic I can have extra articles on, be sure to tell me!

The Future

August will be a far more relaxed month than July was to me. To start with, I will have 2 weeks off from work, during which time I mean to complete the loot and to send out surveys to the recipients. More on the loot in a little while. August will also allow me to finish articles a little faster, as I now can dedicate all my attention on them. Hopefully, this will mean that I can finish those Dwarrowdelf Nightmare scenario analyses a little faster than I normally would.

As for conventions, the first weekend of August will be when the LCG Con is held on their Discord server. I intend to participate in a lot of games there, as I had a blast last year. With the integration of DragnCards and with more people having joined the game since then, I think it will be a great weekend. As for the other convention on my schedule, Con of the Rings, I am still hoping to attend. The US has made no announcements for letting in tourists any time soon, but I hope that next month I will get some certainty on whether or not I can enter the country without having to quarantine. Fortunately, I will be fully vaxxed by that time, so that should help prevent awkward situations.

I hope that in the meantime, I will continue to send out articles to you all and will continue to be involved with the community. This summer hasn’t turned out quite the way I imagined, but we are making the best out of the situation. I am glad I will have 2 weeks to relax without having to worry about work, though I will be busier by the time I return, thanks to new interns that start around that time. I will hopefully see many of you in the near future or will get back to you all this time next month with another update!


I’m sure many of you have seen the pictures already, but it’s true! The first prototype was finished this month, and it looks amazing! It wasn’t perfect though, and I have made some alterations to the book since then. For example, I didn’t add Lothiriel as a hero in the spreadsheet, which is a mistake I found pretty quickly after testing the book out for a few games. I also noticed that some of the pages were pretty small, so unless you were able to write really small (like me), you weren’t going to fit things in the book. I cleared out some space and made some improvements on that front. In total, the book will be 90-ish pages thick, which will mean that players have enough space for over 500 games to log. If you play at my rate, that’s almost 2 years worth of games to play. And with me having done most of the design work, I can always order more books at a later date in case people run out of space.

The next step will be to finalize the complete design and to add the collection spreadsheet. Once that’s in, I can do one final prototype run and will place a bulk order after that. In the meantime, those that are supporting the blog can expect a survey to appear in their mailbox soon (check your spamfilter to be sure). This will discuss how I can best send the loot to you and how I am going to deal with shipping.

As for any extra money I have left over, I might put that towards some nice custom pens or pencils to add to the book as a gift. It’ll also be something nice for those that support at a higher level since I couldn’t come up with anything else this year that hadn’t been done yet.

~Aa’menealla nauva calen ar-malta~

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