Month in Review: August 2021

As I predicted, August was quite a busy month, in which I could spend some more time on the blog and push out a few more articles. A lot of the co-authors also had time to work on their projects, which allowed us to have a wide range of articles to release this month. A good thing, too, as not a lot else happened this month for the game. So let’s go right into the review and look at the past month in the community and the blog!

August 2021

There was no news out of FFG this month other than an interview with Andrew Navarro on Cardboard of the Rings. He mentioned that there have been plans for the game starting in 2022, but thanks to many layoffs at FFG and the pandemic, there is no telling when we will receive some more products. We did get some things from the community though! Cardboard of the Rings showed off their swag for this year, and AleP has released their first stand-alone scenario: The Scouring of the Shire! I hope to play the scenario someday after I finish an LOTR Campaign. I also had a lot of fun playing with people during the LCG Con at the start of this month. That didn’t distract me from publishing a ton of articles though, so let’s go through those, along with the plans for the next month(s).

Scenario analysis

There were no new articles on the regular scenarios this month, but work has continued on the Massing at Osgiliath, the Land of Sorrow, and Road to Isengard. These will likely be released soon, and I plan to finish Land of Sorrow in September. Aside from those quests, we will start completing the Vengeance of Mordor cycle and most of the regular POD scenarios. Only once the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle from AleP is finished will we start with the articles on their scenarios. I know we have gotten a few questions on that already, but I clear cycles after they have been completed. That way, I can include all the new player cards from that cycle in the analysis and I won’t have to update it constantly.

Nightmare analysis

There were 3 new Nightmare articles released in August, which is quite a lot! The Watcher in the Water, Road to Rivendell, and A Storm on Cobas Haven were all completed. This will allow me to wrap up the NM Dwarrowdelf cycle before the end of the year, which was my original planning. I found out during my holidays that I could complete one of these articles in 5 days, so perhaps I will get the chance to focus for a weekend or 2 on the other quests and complete them as well. From there, I will continue with clearing the NM quests in chronological order, with some other authors completing other quests further along.

Storage Hub

We had an update on this front as well, as the editor of the blog, Beleg, posted his storage solutions. I always enjoy seeing the way that other people store their collection, and what type of additional items they use. If you want to be a part of the storage hub and show off your collection, too, feel free to reach out to the blog, and we can arrange something.


The deckbuilding series is gearing up for some tough scenarios like the Battle of Carn Dûm and the Dread Realm soon. The Treachery of Rhudaur is the only obstacle left before those quests. Across the Ettenmoors was released this month, which gives you a solid deck to try for yourself if you are struggling with this quest.

Player card reviews

The series continued through the Against the Shadow cycle this month, with the next article being on the Druadan Forest. This wasn’t as fantastic as the Steward’s Fear pack, but it does still offer a nice variety of cards. I received confirmation that the entire cycle will be completed at some point, as the author found locally translated packs for the final two quests. Plenty to look forward to!

Additional articles

There were no additional articles for August, but I do have one planned for September. With the loot being shipped as I’m writing this, I will need to get a move on with the article describing the loot and the design process. I haven’t worked on this yet, but might set aside an evening or two and focus on getting through that article. It will give my hands a bit of a rest after writing so many letters to everyone.

The Future

The one thing that I was looking forward to this year, Con of the Rings 2021, is now off my schedule. Due to the travel ban imposed by the US government on anyone travelling from the Schengen area (including the Netherlands), I am not allowed to fly into the country. Despite being fully vaccinated, I am not able to participate in the fun of the convention, sadly. This will mean that there will not be a recap article and that I won’t be able to hand out the loot to people in person. It’s a real shame that I am not able to see the wonderful people of this community for two years in a row, but I have my hopes that I can participate next year.

I will also not be able to join the people at Lure of Middle Earth this year. I have a wedding that weekend that I cannot afford to miss, so I am unable to participate in that event too. Still, I hope to attend some other year, and I hope that everyone going to that convention has a wonderful time!

On a brighter note, the blog is doing better, and my mental health has gotten better since last month. There are still some things to work out, but I will feel a lot better after all the loot has been shipped. I hope to continue to write a ton of articles in September and will even have another week off from work in October that I can dedicate to articles. It helps to get my mind off of the fact that I was supposed to be at the convention that week… oh well.


Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.
3 boxes of books to be shipped worldwide!

A lot of progress has been made this month on the loot. Thaurdir and I have worked on the books to clean them up a bit from the prototype. I also ordered some extra loot and placed the bulk order of books late in the month. I received them just before the end of the month and am currently shipping the books to everyone. This will take some time because I intend to write every supporter a personal letter, but I should be able to send everything out before the end of September.

The European supporters will be the first to receive the books. From there, I will try and get the books to Asian and Latin American patrons so they will arrive relatively soon. For North America, I will start shipping out a few large batches in the second half of the month, as there are quite a few books that are headed that way. Keep an eye on your inbox for confirmation that the package has been shipped, and please confirm when you have received the book.

People attending Con of the Rings will be able to collect their loot either at the registration desk or from Thaurdir. I will have all the items shipped to the convention, and there they will be handed out. More details on this will follow soon, so again, keep an eye on your inbox. I am fortunate that my mother will be flying to Minneapolis the same weekend, so that allows me to save on shipping.

After all the loot has been shipped and everyone on my list has been sent their loot, I will look at how many books I have left. I might have some left over to sell at cost price plus shipping, so if you are interested, leave a comment below this article or email the blog. We can discuss the details there.

I hope everyone enjoys the books and won’t need a magnifying glass to read all the words. Hopefully, by this time next month, some of you will already be recording your playthroughs in the books!

~Aa’menealla nauva calen ar-malta~

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Thumbnail is the Death of Balin by Sebastian Giacobino, which I never would have seen in the regular art of Balin’s Doom from NM Seventh Level. Really cool to see so much more art in the full picture.

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