Bi-monthly Poll: Aug-Sep 2021

Doing polls every 2 months has me suddenly realize that I do still have to publish these articles with the results. It used to be second nature alongside the monthly review articles, but now I am allowed to forget this article once every two months. Not this time though, this time, we got some answers to go through!

For August and September, I polled the amount of alt art cards that people own. I myself have been able to find an alt art Celeborn recently, meaning that I am only missing Gimli now. Other recent developments surrounding alt art cards, like an alt art Boromir being offered for $1500 on eBay, have made this poll all the more relevant. I was interested in seeing if many other people share my drive to collect everything in the game and how many people actually managed to get a complete collection!

In total, the poll received over 150 votes from members of the community. This is a nice representation of players out there, both veteran and newbie. Let’s go straight to the results.

We change things around a little bit and go to the bottom place first. These are the people who entered that they own an entire collection of alt art cards, including the difficult-to-find GenCon exclusives. 5 people own all the cards, which is an amazing feat of collection. These people are likely veterans of the game who either have connections with friends going to conventions or they go to these conventions themselves. Over the years, they will have amassed quite a few unique cards, and a full collection of alt art cards will definitely be a crowning achievement.

The most common answer on this poll though, was from players who do not own alt art cards but do want to start a collection of them. These players can start by attending conventions like Con of the Rings to try and win some alt art cards. You can also start such a collection by browsing on eBay or asking around the community for some of the cheaper ones. Eowyn, Galadriel, Aragorn, and Bilbo shouldn’t be too expensive to buy and get your collection going. It will be difficult to complete your collection, but you can see how far you get. At least you will bring some new artwork to the table! For those looking for an alt art Galadriel or Bilbo, contact me, as I have some spares that I would like to sell in order to start your addiction collection.

Not far behind are the people that do not own alt art cards and have no interest in starting a collection of them. This is understandable since dropping upwards of $500 for single cards is not what the LCG model is for. For that amount of money, you can get a lot more content in the game in the form of new expansions, which give you brand-new heroes and new quests to play. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to collect the alt art cards, as this even makes the search easier for the other part of the community that ís looking for them.

The next two entries are almost equal and are the people that own a few of the alt arts and are either looking to increase that collection or not. These players might have just started collecting the alt art cards or happened to receive them by attending a fellowship event or by winning a competition or raffle. It is fun to see that the further you go down the poll’s answers ranked by popularity, the number of cards in the collection increases, up to the lucky 5 that own a complete collection of alt arts.

For the coming 2 months, I will have a new poll on the blog. While I thought it would be difficult to come up with a topic, the new In-flight announcement has made it really easy. I want to poll the community’s opinion on the new Core Set and the campaign mode that will be introduced in the coming rereleases of some cycles. For more info on the announcement, see this article from earlier this month. I have opened the comments so you can leave your opinion, but most of the entries should reflect the different stances that you can take for this product. For me personally, I will go for the print and play option when that becomes available. I have no need for yet another Core Set, even though the new cover does look cool.

The new poll will be up until the end of November, so we will see if opinion changes over time. It also gives me enough time to come up with a new poll for the end of the year!

One thought on “Bi-monthly Poll: Aug-Sep 2021

  1. Only have a single core set – own everything else printed so far, so a second Core, if I wait for the new repack with the campaign cards, seems perfect for rounding off my collection (especially if the repack comes with 3 of each player card now it’s targeting 4 players & in line with their later LCG Core sets for other licences).
    Plus will be picking up The Dark of Mirkwood quest pack.
    After those I will be Print & Play – probably using my original Core cards to sleeve up with paper printouts if the new Core does come with 3 of each player card, so I can easily justify the cost of a second Core if that’s the route they take – up until now there’s always been other LOTR LCG products that were more cost effective (but also I’m hoping they’ll eventually decide to sell Campaign Card Packs for the older players – even if we have to wait for a couple of revised Campaigns to be budled together).

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