Announcing Palantir Pals NFTs!

Introducing the Palantir Pals NFT collection! The first time LOTR LCG and NFTs have joined forces to prepare the 11-year-old game for Web 3.0!

I joked when I said that I was fired from work and had spent my time working on finding a new job. Instead, I quit my job and started researching a way to bring this physical card game into the metaverse. And after 2 months of research, engineering, designing, and preparing the market, I am happy to announce the collection is now finished for the entire community to buy!

In total, there will be 3791 unique NFTs for sale, all of which will be dropping today on OpenBelegaer. These will not only preserve your collection for the future, but you also join the exclusive Palantir Pals Club, with members from around the world. Each NFT will also feature a custom-made, individual piece of artwork that was definitely not generated by an algorithm without the permission of the artists. Use this beautiful image as your profile picture and make sure you put #PalantirPal in your username so that everyone can identify you as one of the elite!

The Levels

Why only 3791 NFTs when such an idea can easily sell tens of thousands? Well, that is to preserve the accuracy of the lore of course! We will have 4 different tiers of NFTs available to buy, each level becoming more rare and exclusive. But there are also fewer NFTs at each level, so you must buy them quickly (at a higher price of course) before they run out.

The first tier is the Eldar-tier. These consist of 3000 places on the Palantir blockchain for the Elven-kings under the sky. With elves not dying through old age, we thought we might as well reserve the most spot for these community members, as there will be more of them over time. This tier grants you no extra perks, just the original NFT for you to use however you like.

The next tier is the Naugrim-tier. These 700 NFTs are specifically designed for the community members who enjoy their time underground and like the sight of fine jewels. These NFTs are rarer, but they shine with the brilliance of freshly delved jewels on the same level as the Arkenstone! These NFTs are bound to increase in value too, so make sure to hoard as many as you can, until either madness or dragons steal them from you.

The next 90 NFTs are reserved for the elite members of the Palantir Pals community. These slots are collectively known as the Edain-tier, and will sell out fast! The NFTs will come with a special black cloak, and will greatly extend your lifespan. Buyers are expected to know how to ride a horse, use a sword, and have at least 3 years of experience in finding “shire”.

I called dibs

And finally, there is 1 NFT to rule them all. This one has already been sold, but maybe someone loses it on the blockchain for 2.000 years and you just might be able to pick it up! This one NFT is indestructible unless the entire image is somehow tossed into a volcano. Because there is only a single copy, it is priceless and worth more than all the others combined. And it’s mine. My own. My… precious… SO NO RIGHTCLICK AND SAVE TO FILE!!

What can you do with the Palantir Pals?

I and my team of software engineers are busy creating a virtual space for Palantir Pals to come together and act as a community. This will be done in the latest metaverse so that you can upload your LOTR LCG collection to it immediately. The exact details on this will be released soon after this announcement including a whitepaper. We just have to cut down a white tree first before we can make the paper, though I believe there’s still one in Gondor. You won’t believe all of the amazing bonuses you will receive (in line with your level) once we get the technology going.

Is this a rug pull?

Of course not, I don’t even own a rug.

Where can I get these NFTs?

The mint has started today, so they are already available on Open Belegaer. Each NFT can be purchased for JRRTokens, as soon as they have cleared their dispute with the Tolkien Estate surrounding the legality of it all, I’m sure that’s not going to take long. Each NFT can then be found on the Middle-Earth Blockchain, which has been newly developed for this project. It just works.

So what are you waiting for? Join the awesome community today and buy an NFT, or two, or ten, or all of them, as long as I get my money!

Happy April Fools everyone! Obviously, I wouldn’t sink this low. If you still want to get rid of your money though, click this link to the blog’s Patreon. This month is the last time you can pledge to the blog in order to receive this year’s VotP swag items that will release in September/October. We are working hard on these items but need to know well in advance how many we will need. Plus, pledging to the blog helps us out with the maintenance of the site and gives you some other rewards too!

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