Though it is only a trait found on one character at the moment, the developers may choose to expand upon the Bree trait in the future. As of yet, the only Bree card in the card pool is the innkeeper of the Prancing Pony: Barliman Butterbur.

Who are the Breelanders?

The humans in Eriador that settle around Bree, Archet, Comb and the many villages around the intersection of the Great East Road and the Greenway but are not of Dunedain Origin are considered to be Breelanders. These people share a lineage with the Dunlendings and the people that inhabit Enedwaith and Minhiriath. Barliman-Butterbur

Expansion Packs

As of yet, Bree cards are only obtained in the Black Riders Saga expansion. For more adventures in this region, check out the Lost Realm Deluxe box and some of the Print on Demand scenarios.


We have only gotten a Lore ally for Bree, though it wouldn’t be a stretch to include characters in other spheres in the future. A Bill Ferny character card would be funny to include in a Grima/Isengard deck.


Bree has no real synergy amongst its characters yet. The developers could make up an entirely new type of synergy for this trait like they did with Dale. I would like to see a synergy that depends on the number of different traits that you have in your deck. This is because of the many visitors in Bree: Men and Hobbits living there, Elves passing west, Dwarves travelling between the Ered Luin and the Eastern Kingdoms, Dunedain that reside in camps in the region. This could open up a multicultural deck that makes good use of The Free Peoples and other combined trait cards. This will also make Bree characters fitting in any sort of deck, and will make the trait very splashable within the game.

Synergy with other Traits

Barliman has a synergy with Hobbits, where you need to play 3 Hobbit heroes in order for him to have an ability. His ability isn’t anything special, we’ve seen it before on Dori and White Tower Watchman. But the ability can come in handy, especially during the early game with the Hobbits being squishy.

This will conclude the Bree trait, for now, nothing much, but small articles like this might get expanded upon in the future if the Bree trait gets explored. There are enough people living in the region that could be used on cards.


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