As I have mentioned in the Poll article, I have been considering upgrading the blog to remove advertisements and get a separate URL to make the blog easier to find. However, on a student budget, this is hard to do. This is why I have set up a Patreon account for anyone who is willing to support the blog. The first dollars will be spent on getting the monthly fee out of the way from WordPress. If by that point I still have money left over, I will look to find new ways to improve the articles and the site itself. This can include saving up for exclusive loot, getting upgrades for the blog, or getting upgrades for the card pool, which I will cover in new articles. I can also redistribute any wealth left over to other community outlets that are helping the game, so that everyone benefits from your generosity.

The pledges will be monthly fees, so I will make a promise of getting out at least some articles a month in order to satisfy those that have pledged with more content.

The lower tiers on the page are the Polishers of the Palantir and the Guardians of the Palantiri. The Polisher tier is just a cheap option you can select in order to support the blog, but don’t get any fancy stuff for a while. If I ever start doing giveaways, the Polishers will be added in the lottery, in order to give something to them as a thank you. The Polisher tier starts at $1, but you can donate more if you want. If you don’t want anything from the higher tiers, you can pledge a high amount to the Polisher tier and still support the blog

The other tier is the Guardians. The tier is a little more expensive than the Polisher tier but has no limit to how many Guardians there can be of one stone. The Guardians are allowed to pick one of the Seeing Stones and be labelled as the Guardian of that Stone. This serves as an honorary title on the blog. The Guardians are also allowed to task me with reviewing a specific scenario, trait or mechanic that would otherwise take a while to get to. This resets every 4 months.

The Masters are the ones actually using the stones. Besides getting the unique title fitting of the stone they use, they get to ask me personally questions about decks they may need a second opinion on. I am also willing to play multiplayer with you on OCTGN if we both have some spare time. Of course, I am willing to do this for everyone, but for those at the Master rank, I will give extra effort and make time for you! This tier is also capped at 7, as the Master-stone has its own tier.

A more expensive option yields you the larger stone of Avallondë where the Palantiri came from. This is a restricted tier to only 1 person, as I doubt many more of you will want to contribute $10 or more (if you do, let me know and I’ll work something out). It grants you the same benefits as the other Master ranks, but you get to request unlimited amounts of articles (within reason). We can also work out more benefits along the way.

And to top it all off, we have the Valar rank, in which the patron can become an author of the blog and make all the content you want. On top of that, there are some exclusive pieces of loot to be had for those at this tier. Pledging $17 per month will get you this rank and will also allow you to call on me for help in deckbuilding or playtesting.

For those looking to make a big splash, there is the Eru tier. This tier is extremly high priced at $70,- but comes with all the perks from the lower tiers. On top of that, you can stop the Eru tier after just one month of pledging, and still receive the title of Guardian of the Flame Imperishable. These members will receive the VotP swag each year, even if they aren’t pledging to the blog anymore. They can choose to stop this service, but will receive all the benefits that the blog creates, as their pledge allows me to do so much more with my little blog.

Finally, all Patrons are listed at the bottom of this article as a shout-out to the community that they support this blog. If you don’t want your name on here, let me know or give a gaming name under which you are known in the community.

If you have any further suggestions or tips for me about this whole Patreon thing, let me know, I am quite new to this, so it will also serve as an experiment for myself. You can subscribe to the Patreon page here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you again for those of you that pledge to this site via this resource.


Polishers of the Palantir

  • Master Polisher: Jack Neal ($2)
  • Joey Olsen
  • Dan Poage
  • Blair Lafferty

Guardians of the Palantiri

  • Guardian of the Anor Stone: Tony, Greg Callahan
  • Guardians of the Ithil Stone: Lorenzo Corti, Sam Beck
  • Guardian of the Osgiliath Stone: Cardboard of the Rings
  • Guardian of the Orthanc Stone: Benedikt, Carl Swanson
  • Guardian of the Amon Sûl Stone: Chad Garlinghouse, Hans Møller-Poulsen, Michael Maynard, naakk
  • Guardian of the Elostirion Stone: Matt Powers, Daniel Hess, Marc Lommert
  • Guardian of the Annuminas Stone: Rob Tapfield, Moritz Graefrath
  • Undecided: Stephan Kunkemöller, Colin Peake, Chris Stieha, Valentín Longato, Regan Greene, Adam Figi, Robert Smith, Marcus Windrich, Simon Echarte, John Franey, Manuel Lopez

Masters of the Palantiri

  • Master of the Anor Stone: TW
  • Master of the Ithil Stone: Jared
  • Master of the Osgiliath Stone:
  • Master of the Orthanc Stone: Joshua Westlund
  • Masters of the Amon Sûl Stone: Joseph Forster, Grant Thompson
  • Master of the Elostirion Stone: Dave Walsh
  • Master of the Annuminas Stone: Piotr Zwolinski

Guardians of the Master-Stone of Tol Eressëa

  • Nathaniel Garrod
  • Brandon Booth


  • Manwë: Roveo
  • Aulë: Durins_Father
  • Mandos: Thaurdir
  • Loríen: Kalin Webb
  • Nienna: Paul Lightner
  • Undecided: Jacob Cadena

Eru Iluvatar

  • Eru:
  • Guardian of the Flame Imperishable:

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