As I have mentioned in the Poll article, I have been considering upgrading the blog to remove advertisements and get a separate URL to make the blog easier to find. However, on a student budget, this is hard to do. This is why I have set up a Patreon account for anyone who is willing to support the blog. The first dollars will be spent on getting the monthly fee out of the way from WordPress. If by that point I still have money left over, I will look to find new ways to improve the articles and the site itself. I could, for instance, start buying Nightmare expansions and start covering those. I prefer to have the cards in my hand when I analyse them, plus I like to test any scenario before I finish the article on it. Getting the resources to do so via Patreon would be great.

If after that point I am still getting more money than I can spend on Nightmare scenarios (or I have a huge backlog of scenarios to cover), I will look to other ways of giving the money back to the community. I will probably put up a poll at that point with some of the ideas I have, ranging from distributing the wealth with other creators to giving away exclusive sleeves, patches or other gear. We’ll see when (if) we get there.

The pledges will be monthly fees, so I will make a promise of getting out at least 10 articles a month in order to satisfy those that have pledged with more content.

The two tiers on the account are the Polishers of the Palantir and the Guardians of the Palantiri. The Polisher tier is just a cheap option you can select in order to support the blog, but don’t get any fancy stuff for a while. If I ever start doing giveaways, the Polishers will be added in the lottery, in order to give something to them as a thank you.

The other tier is the Guardians. I have limited this tier to 7 people and the tier is a little more expensive than the Polisher tier. The Guardians are allowed to pick one of the Seeing Stones and be labelled as the Guardian of that Stone. This serves as an honorary title on the blog. The Guardians are also allowed to task me with reviewing a specific scenario, trait or mechanic that would otherwise take a while to get to. This resets every 4 months.

Finally, all Patrons are listed at the bottom of this article as a shout-out to the community that they support this blog. If you don’t want your name on here, let me know or give a gaming name under which you are known in the community.

If you have any further suggestions or tips for me about this whole Patreon thing, let me know, I am quite new to this, so it will also serve as an experiment for myself. You can subscribe to the Patreon page here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you again for those of you that pledge to this site via this resource.


Polishers of the Palantir

  • Jack Neal
  • Joseph Forster
  • Malcom Fraser
  • Matt Powers
  • [Your name here]

Guardians of the Palantiri

  • Guardian of the Anor Stone:
  • Guardian of the Ithil Stone:
  • Guardian of the Osgiliath Stone: Joseph Gianoli
  • Guardian of the Orthanc Stone: Benedikt
  • Guardian of the Amon Sul Stone:
  • Guardian of the Elostirion Stone:
  • Guardian of the Annuminas Stone:

Masters of the Palantiri

  • Master of the Palantir of Avallonë: Bill Eberele


  • Aulë: Durins_Father

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