Storage Solutions: Sam Beck

A renaissance for the storage hub, as more and more articles keep coming in. This time I bring you the storage solution of Sam Beck, who is a Guardian of the Ithil Stone on Patreon. He stepped forward to share his solution with the community in the hope that it will entertain you and perhaps inspire a few of you looking for a way to store your cards.

I move frequently, so I chose my storage solution to make everything as compact as possible. I also have a strange compulsion to sleeve all my cards which is partly practical (I don’t want to sleeve and unsleeve decks) and partly neurotic (I’m too far in to stop doing it now), so I was worried they wouldn’t fit well in a binder. They are penny sleeves, so it wasn’t too expensive. For my needs, I found these large, sturdy, yet cheap trading card storage boxes. I think they were originally made for baseball cards. I was able to fit most the encounter decks in one box. A link to the box can be found here if you want to try it for yourself:

However, I had recently had to get a smaller box due to some recent purchases of a few POD quests.

My player cards are in a second large box (plus most of the saga quests) which I divided by card type as shown below. Within each divider, I sorted them by trait.

For my current decks and quests, I use the two deck boxes that came with the deluxe expansions for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. They have convenient token trays which I used until I got my more expanded tray which we’ll visit next.

As other’s have noted in their storage solution articles, BGG has great files to help make your own resources. It ended up being more time intensive than I had anticipated, but it was definitely worth it.

I cut up my original core-set box to use as art for my boxes, so I decided to keep the second (and smaller) core box to hold all the manuals. The original rule book doesn’t fit so I’ve tucked it away elsewhere, but the newer version is better anyway (except it doesn’t have the wonderful, color-coded action window table from the original!).

And we end up with the final product being very heavy, and very compact.

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