Monthly Poll: June 2018

Another month has gone by, and so another poll has come to its end. During the entire month of June, I asked the community where they would like to see the next cycle to take place. I gave a couple of options based on area’s where we haven’t been before. I also gave a couple of options for variants of the game that are set in other eras of Arda.

In total, 52 votes have been gathered throughout June, so there should be plenty of answers to base conclusions on. The results are as such:


So yeah, we have a tie. Looks like a lot of people are split between the first 4 options. The Shire and Rhûn are the most popular, followed by Forodwaith. Further down the list, a Mordor cycle would also be cool to see. I think (hope) that the game will also continue the story eastward, through Rhûn down into Khand and Mordor. From there, the story could go in any direction again.

Noteworthy is that the cycles set in other periods, like the First and Second Age, are far less popular. This may be because some cards would be unusable during these cycles. If you would still like to see this, you should give the First Age expansion from TalesftCards a try.

The area’s where people are less hyped about for the game to go are the empty lands between the Greyflood River and the Grey Havens. While there is nothing really in that place, this does give some more freedom for the developers to think of their own story, just look at what they did to the Haradrim cycle. Western Gondor has the same problem, there is next to nothing there. I have some ideas for stories there, so that may be something for the future as well.

With all of the results from the poll in, let us hope that the developers will go east after the Ered Mithrin cycle. The Shire might also be interesting, though that may be home to some POD quests in the future. There might be things like Scouring or Battle of Greenfields that would be cool to explore in the future.

Thus concludes the second poll of this monthly series, hopefully, the developers have taken notes (though I know that the next cycle is already in pre-production at this point). Otherwise, I would invite other players to make custom quests in these area’s, as there is clearly high demand for them. For the next month, July, I will ask a general question on what kind of decks you guys like to play with. Feel free to pitch in your own decks in the comments, and I am curious to see what the results from that poll will be. See you next month!

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