Month in Review: June 2018

As Summer closes in, the blog is more alive than ever, and the same can be said about the game in general. Most of us received the new Wilds of Rhovanion Deluxe box this month, and have had a lot of fun playing with the new Dale cards. On top of that, a new Special Edition box has been announced, and a lot more content is being put out by FFG.


The community itself has also been busy. This month, Con of the Rings was announced, which will take place in October in the FFG Center. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, please do so as soon as you can, there aren’t too many left at this point. I myself will also be at the convention, and I can’t wait to meet some of you in person. With that plug out of the way, let’s review the previous month!

Cycle Scenarios

These have been on the backfoot a lot this month since I rarely had the time to write about the scenarios in depth. But we are slowly making our way through the Ringmaker cycle. I can say for sure that the more popular scenarios have been covered, and work has begun on the slightly more annoying ones like Dunland Trap and Antlered Crown, leaving Nin for last. Hopefully, the blog will have completed the cycle by the end of the next month. This will allow us to move to the Angmar Awakened cycle and start examining the encounter side-quests as well.

Saga Scenarios

The Saga scenarios have been continuing throughout the month. Brinxian has been doing a marvellous job with them and will continue throughout the following month. The POD Saga quests will also be covered in the future so that everyone can get a full campaign analysed. The Hobbit scenarios can now also be claimed by anyone who is willing to do the write up on those, feel free to let me know and I’ll get you started.

Trait analyses

Between all the other articles that have come out, I have not had the time to work on a lot of these trait analyses. Matt Duckworth has stepped up to the task and has been working on a couple of them this month so he will pick up the slack while I focus on the cycle scenarios and the other articles. With new traits upcoming in the next cycle, we will wait until the end of the cycle to handle new synergies like Beorning and Woodsman.


The Staple articles have had a new addition at the start of the month with Condition Removal. But like the Trait analyses, they too have suffered from me spending more time on other projects and on the Wilds of Rhovanion. I will be posting a Staple article on Readying soon, so be on the lookout for that one. If you have any suggestions to add to the list of staples, feel free to let us know.

Additional Articles

There have been two articles on my personal impressions of the Wilds of Rhovanion box, one on the player cards, and one on the quests. With both of them well received, I may continue to do this once I receive other new expansions. There has also been an article from the perspective of a new player who just got into the Haradrim cycle. This one has been very well received, so we are looking to do some more of those in the future.

The largest new article I have put out is the Call to Arms. This article was me offering other people to start working on the blog. I am glad to say that the response has been overwhelming, with 4 new authors who are going to be working on various projects. You may have seen some of their work already, and otherwise, you will see them in July. I am really thankful to everyone who is supporting the blog through the writing of their own or via Patreon. This blog is shaping up to be an excellent resource to both veteran and new players.

On top of these three articles, I also had the Con of the Rings announcement earlier this month. Please give it a read again and make sure that you pledge in time if you want to come. It looks like a lot of community members will be attending so it will be a lot of fun!

The Future

July will bring hopefully the end of the Ringmaker cycle and the start of the Angmar Awakened cycle. On top of that, the regular series will continue and you may get the odd additional article sprinkled in between. I will also keep making improvements to the blog, such as I have done this month with little things like buttons, links, and drop down menus.

I will be working the entirety on next month, but during work, I will have enough time to update some other articles with new cards or new combinations. So if you know a great quest for some new cards that I haven’t mentioned in the articles yet, let me know! That way, the articles will be more in touch with the modern card pool and will feel less outdated in the future. It will be important to maintain these articles, so that may come at a cost of fewer articles by me during the coming months. But I am very glad that multiple people have stepped up to plug that gap in content.

With all of that said, the game is in a great place and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new packs. With GenCon right around the corner, we should also expect some more content and announcements coming from there. Thank you all for your support and I’ll see you next time!

Aa’menealla nauva calen ar’malta

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