Monthly Poll: November 2018

These months seem to fly by, feel like just last week that I uploaded this poll. But regardless, let’s see what the community is most hyped for during the Ered Mithrin cycle. Be sure to read all about the poll for next month as well, as it will be done a little differently than usual.

For the month of November, I listed the archetypes that seem to receive the most attention during this cycle. Since we have had no news regarding new player cards from the start of the poll, our current knowledge is the same as when the poll began. This cycle will not only introduce us to new archetypes but will also flesh out some existing ones with new heroes and other player cards. I am curious to see what archetypes receive the most positive response. A total of 63 votes have been gathered, and we have a winner by a very slim margin. Here are the results:

Poll Results November 2019: Favourite Archetype development in Ered Mithrin cycle

The proud Beornings take the top spot! While they were not introduced in the Deluxe box, the Withered Heath pack already gave the Beorning trait a lot to work with, including a new hero, ally, and event. With the new Giant Bear ally coming out with Fire in the Night, the trait is sure to find more footing with the community this cycle. The Beornings will probably be fleshed out further with several other cards that have not yet been announced, so we have something to look forward to! I will be updating my article on the trait as well after the cycle has concluded, which will include all of the new Beorning cards we’ve gotten this cycle.

By a margin of just 1 vote (see, your votes matter here!) the Eagles take the second place, making this a Tactics heavy podium. The Eagles have been a community darling for the past few years, but since the Ringmaker cycle, we’ve gotten no development of the trait anymore. But with the narrative now pushing us towards the mountains, new Eagle allies and events have hit the card pool, and have found their way into many decks. I really like the new cards, and hope to see some more Eagle development in the future. I fear that the Beornings will be competing for the Tactics cards of this cycle though, so it is the question which archetype will receive more cards. I guess we will have to wait and see.

The Woodmen round off our top 3 of favourite archetypes and have gotten my vote as well. I really like how the Woodmen synergy is already making locations more fun to deal with, and it has returned some old cards from the card pool back into decks. I am sure that the Lore cards in the upcoming packs will strengthen the Woodmen archetype, perhaps recurring attachments and giving us more allies that work with the synergy. I really like the way the developers have improved upon the already existing Woodmen cards, and how they have now made a location killing faction!

Near the bottom of the list, we find some of the less developed archetypes that still need some cards to function properly. This includes the Guarded card synergy and the Dwarven Mining synergy. I feel like a new card that grants a bonus when discarded from your deck should come out to make the Mining deck more reliable, as so far we only have 2 cards that grant benefits. For the Guarded synergy, more attachments have already been announced, but ways to get to these attachments faster would be best for the synergy, allowing players to add more of these cards to their decks. I like the idea of a new Bilbo hero that interacts with these attachments, maybe fishing them out of your deck quicker.

In the final place, the Silvan synergy. While it will receive the long-awaited Thranduil hero, people are less hyped about it. Sure, it will change something up in the traditional lineup, but people are generally more stoked for new synergies or revitalizing old ones. I am sure that the community will be playing some more Silvan decks as the new pack is released, but as people only got 1 vote for this poll, the other archetypes seemed more appealing.

For the final month of the year, I have something special planned. I have long wanted to see what the community regards as their favourite quest. While I could ask everyone for a top 10 list, it is more fun to have the quests be pitted against each other in a tournament bracket! So that is what I did. All 102 quests that have been released so far are in the bracket, waiting to be voted upon by you, the community. Check out this link for the bracket, and there you can also vote for the different matchups. Check the description of the tournament for details and the times at which the different stages open. I hope you will join us in this last poll of the year, and I hope to play the winning quest once the winner is announced on New year’s Eve.

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