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Kicking off the Storage Hub, we have community member Shellin who was the first to share his storage solutions with Vision of the Palantir. If you have further questions about this solution, be sure to contact him through the COTR Discord Sever or other outlets. On with the article then:

Seeing how other people store their collections is one of my favourite things about being connected with other people in the hobby, so I figured I would show off how I store my cards as well. My primary concern with storing my cards was physical space, since I’m fairly limited where I currently live. As such, my entire collection sits in a  little wooden cupboard in our living room where our toddler can’t break into it and have his own fun. I would say that my solution is middle of the road in terms of price when compared to most of the others I have seen. It could be a fair bit cheaper if you were to use a BCW box for encounter cards instead of the Hobby Lobby + Broken Token case. I had used one for a while and it was perfectly functional, it just took up too much space in the little cupboard so I made the switch.

I currently own all of the content for the game that includes player cards (so every deluxe, adventure pack, and saga expansion) as well as two of the print-on-demand scenarios. I don’t intend to purchase Nightmare decks or more POD quests anytime soon, but if I ever get to that point I would have to rework the storage a fair bit, since it is already at near capacity with what I have.


Interior of Flip ‘n Tray 200+

I play exclusively two player, or two handed solo, so I tend to only have two decks built at any given time. Since I regularly play with a friend of mine who doesn’t own any cards of his own, I supply both decks and the encounter cards. In order to make travel easier, I purchased an Ultimate Guard Twin Flip N Tray 200. This easily fits two sleeved player decks, two quests worth of encounter cards, and all of the tokens and dice necessary to play. I may look into purchasing a second one so that I can keep two sets of decks stored, but for now this seems to do the trick for me.

Player Cards

Leadership Player card binder, chronological order

I don’t keep any of my player cards sleeved, so they all fit into binders fairly well when they aren’t in use in decks. I have six binders in different colours, one for each sphere and then a white binder that stores all of my heroes. The binders are just standard 1-inch three ring binders that I purchased from Target, I think they were around $2 each. I use Ultra-Pro pages and sort the cards in each binder by type, and then in order of release. I am currently playing through the game progression style to learn all of the cards and quests, so this works well for me. I have a print out in each binder that lists the order of cards so that I can more quickly find a card if I can’t remember exactly when it was released.

Encounter Cards

Much like my player cards, these are all stored unsleeved. I have a large 3-inch binder where I store all of the quest cards as well as all of the rule sheets for each scenario. It has gotten a little bit difficult to use as my card pool has expanded, but it really cuts down on space that those reference pages and rule books can take up. I have a separate 1-inch binder than is for the Saga expansions, storing the quests, rules, boons, burdens, treasures, and saga specific player cards.

The encounter cards themselves are stored in a Hobby Lobby artist case with a Broken Token insert and sorted by cycle. I printed off and then laminated some dividers that I found BoardGameGeek so that I can easily access each encounter set. I probably have enough room left in the box for one more cycle worth of cards, and if the game continues past that I would need to do some rearranging, once again probably separating out the saga content.


D-ring binder so you can easily flip through the rules and the narrative

Quest cards

9-pocket binder with the quest cards per scenario (1 cycle per page) and more rulesheets

Thanks again to Shellin for putting his solutions on the blog. If you want to share your storage solutions with the community, make a short article like this detailing how you store your various cards and tokens, and send them to Durins_Father via any outlet. Be sure to add a couple of pictures as well.

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  1. Great article thanks! would you mind providing the link to the Bgg card dividers you used?


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