Monthly Poll: October 2020

These months keep flying by, and October is almost behind us. I hope everyone is still staying safe and will continue to do so as we enter the darker months of the year. But with the month nearly over, we can look back at the poll that has been running for 30 days. In this poll, I did something different than asking about favourite cards or scenarios. I wanted everyone to imagine losing their collection (a spooky thought for a spooky month) and I polled what they would do next. Would they buy the game again? Or would they just linger in the community and play online? Maybe some people would drop the game altogether? I gave a few options, but also welcomed input from people if they had creative solutions for this issue.

In total, the poll received 151 individual votes. This gives us a nice representation of the community when looking at the results. With a new update to the voting software I am using, I can confirm that there was very little double-voting, and can even track where the votes come from. For those interested, here is an overview of the map.

And now for the actual results of the poll.

It is nice to see that the majority of the people would buy the game again! 31% would buy the game again right away, regardless of how much is in stock at the moment. I count myself with this group, as I would like to continue to own a physical collection of this game.

A quarter of the poll was filled in by people who would buy the game again if everything would be back in stock. Luckily, the early parts of the game have gotten a recent reprint. The first 2 cycles would definitely be easy to obtain again, after which people can easily expand their collection again. However, we are still missing a few critical expansions that are much sought after. If those would be easy to obtain, a lot of people would jump back on the game.

19% of people wouldn’t buy their collection again, but would instead play the game online. This is a cheaper solution than investing a ton of money back into cards, sleeves, and storage. Online games also still allow you to interact frequently with the community. It is nice to see that these people wouldn’t vanish along with their collection.

Only 6% would call it quits when the game disappears from them. This is understandable, as there might be other games out there that might be more interesting now that they have had a taste of LOTR LCG.

As for the other responses I received, 1 would print the cards themselves (after which I made that category to avoid 5 similar answers). 1 would hope to play the game again after more funds would be available to them. This is understandable, as buying everything again can be a huge setback financially. Buying everything over the course of 8 years is easy, but buying all cycles in one go can be a heavy toll on your bank account. The final other selection would only pick and choose some cycles if they had to start over again.

I really liked this thought experiment, and will look into doing similar polls to this in the future if I get a nice topic suggested. For November though, we continue with the standard format for the polls. We received the final AP this month, and while this means that a scenario-comparison won’t be far off, I will instead focus on the contracts first. This gives everyone (myself included) time to beat Fortress of Nurn and decide if they like it better than other quests in the cycle.

So go out and vote for the best contract according to you. I am only giving everyone 1 vote for this, so be sure to think before you vote. And for everyone in the US, remember that this is not the only poll you have to fill in during November. Be sure to vote on the other poll as well, as that will have a much larger impact than your favourite contract. I will share the results of this poll this time next month.

Also, we still have the Poll-antir 3 running at this time. If you have not yet filled it in, go to this link: I have not yet analyzed all the data, but we have gotten a ton of replies already with some excellent ideas. More info to follow in the month review in a week time.

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