Vision of the Poll-antir 3

It is that time again where I grow a little anxious about the blog and would love some feedback. I have done some of these polls in the past, but with quarantine keeping me indoors and with all of this year’s loot taken care off, I had some spare time to fix a poll for you to fill in. This can give us helpful insight in what parts of the blog you enjoy most, and where we would need to focus on. Now I know that I sound a little paranoid, but I think that community interaction like this has helped the blog before, and now I have the time to make any big changes if they are required.

The poll can be found here: and won’t take very long to fill in. I won’t publish the results openly, but will take all the advice and discuss it with people that work on the blog as well.

The poll will also cover the Patreon side of the blog, and what we should do with the extra funds that I have received this year. Patreon has really taken off, and I would like the decision on what to do with the money to be a more democratic one, before I take all the money and put it in my pocket.

There is another section talking about the Twitch channel. This is something I started about a week ago to entertain me during quarantine by entertaining you all. We have done 2 different streams already with me taking apart decks and creating new ones together with the people in chat, and that was very enjoyable. But I am not 100% sure if that will be the main purpose of the channel, which is why I put it on the poll as well. You can suggest the content there, but I will give no promise as to the actual schedule that I’ll be streaming, nor for how long I will continue to do this after quarantine ends.

Also, if you are reading this on the same day that I published this article, there is a pretty decent chance of me streaming Portal 2 on the channel, so come and say hello. You can leave your comments there as well as I try my best to beat the game in one sitting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short article, and thank you for filling in the poll. It is because of your feedback that the blog is the way it is at this moment, and I am very thankful for that. Stay safe and I hope to entertain you all during the rough months ahead!

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