Monthly Poll: December 2020

This month’s poll ended a little earlier, as the upcoming holidays don’t allow me enough time to work on the article, so I might as well push it out now. Over the past month, I have polled what scenarios from the Vengeance of Mordor cycle are your favorite. I have done this for every cycle now, and will thus be doing a follow up poll in a few months where I put the winners of each poll against each other. For now, let’s see what quest from Vengeance of Mordor has made the cut, and what the community response to the other scenarios are.

In total, this poll has received 67 votes, which is a lot less than I usually get on these polls. This is probably because the cycle is relatively new, and not many players have gotten to play all of the quests yet. Newer players would also not likely own these quests early in their card pool. Regardless, we have some results, and we have a clear winner as well!

With nearly a quarter of all the votes, the Challange of the Wainriders has taken the top spot for this poll. This is understandable, as the quest has a really fun racing mechanic. You have to take 2 laps along 6 quest cards before the wainriders complete their laps. There are some interesting back-and-forth mechanics here and the quest is a lot of fun. I prefer this one in multiplayer, as in solo having to do the tests, as well as questing and combat can be a little overwhelming to do, and if the Wainriders get an early lead, you are pretty much done. But in multiplayer you get a really fun quest, which is why it doesn’t surprise me that it takes the top spot by quite a large margin.

The rest of the votes are very close together. It seems the community likes the harder quests, with both Temple of Doom and Fortress of Nurn taking second place. Both quests are very difficult and make use of the Power of Mordor deck, which can really mess with your game if you aren’t careful. I have yet to beat Fortress of Nurn, but as that quest takes away 80% of your deck at the start of the quest, it is not an easy scenario to beat. Temple of Doom isn’t much easier, with different quest cards having harmful abilities to your deck. But That quest gives you some time to set up, which can help out.

The rest of the quests are just too close together to really compare, and all of them received at least 5 votes. This goes to show that the design of all the quests in this cycle is appreciated by the community and while the quests are very different, none are collectively referred to as the worst. My pick for the worst quest would go to Under the Ash Mountains, but maybe that is just a personal thing. There were still 5 of you that picked the quest over others.

For January, I would like to shift focus away from these quests and towards the most recent pack that we have gotten: The Hunt for the Dreadnaught. This scenario pack features 6 Ship objectives that have some unique abilities and buffs. I have my favorites, but I am curious to see what the rest of the community thinks about these ships. You can find them all in this list on Hall of Beorn: For this list, I am counting the upgraded ships and basic ships as the same one, so if you like the setup of one ship, but the upgraded version of the other, you are going to have to make a choice. I shared a zoomed in version of the ships in the poll, so you can maybe recognize the art instead fo the name of the ship, thought that might help.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results next month. For now, I wish you all happy holidays and hope to see you all again in 2021!

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