Month in Review: November 2021

While October was a relatively slow month, November had an article nearly every 2 days! I was compensating a bit but also discovered that I had a bit more time to work on articles during the week. With a new national lockdown coming soon, I will be spending more time inside, meaning that I can dedicate some more time to the blog and its articles. This will allow me to finalize some projects I had promised to finish before the end of the year, including the Vengeance of Mordor cycle and the NM Dwarrowdelf cycle. Aside from the articles, I am also hosting a tournament for MOTK allies, so I will be kept busy until the new year. Let’s first take a look at November and all the work that we have done!

November 2021

There was no news out of FFG, so we are just getting closer to the new release dates for the revised Core Set and the Dark of Mirkwood scenario packs. There was news from AleP though, where they shared the announcement of the third AP and a Lore article about the Bree-land that will be featured in the pack. I had the opportunity to do a spoiler article for AleP as well, in which I shared one of their new allies. The pack hasn’t been released yet, but I expect it won’t take long before we can start to build our very first Bree decks.

Scenario analyses

Having spent the majority of the month on the Flavor text articles and preparing for some other tasks, I did not have the time to complete Land of Sorrow this November. It’s becoming a bit of a meme to me now, as I have started writing this article in August and have still not finished. But I did make some progress towards the end of the month, and I should be able to deliver the article in early December. The Fortress of Nurn will be done by MortenDall, and will hopefully be delivered in December as well. This completes the entire final cycle, putting an end to my journey to complete all the main-line quests.

From there, I will be starting to update some older scenarios in the new year. Especially the first cycle can use a revised version. I might wait until we get the details for the campaign mode though. We will also continue to cover the extra scenarios that have remained untouched all this time. The POD scenarios will be the next to complete, though the custom-scenario kits are difficult to plan for. Be on the lookout for articles on those next year too!

Nightmare analyses

VeggieGollum has finally completed his analysis on NM Redhorn Gate. This fills up one of the scenarios on the To-Do list for this cycle, with the final two scenarios remaining. I will be doing the NM Foundations of Stone scenario in December, and VeggieGollum will be doing NM Shadow and Flame so that we can complete the cycle before the end of the year. From there, we will be looking into the remaining scenarios that we still have to cover, and I will be making an attempt to get through NM Against the Shadow, which will be a lot of fun, I’m sure…

Flavor text series

This series has been the focus throughout most of November. I took on the task of completing a cycle every two days, which was sometimes a bit more difficult than expected since some parts of the flavor text were photocopied from someone’s rule sheet, forcing me to copy it all by hand. Still, the series has now been completed, as I won’t be doing the Saga series or AleP (until it is finished, at the very least). The series hasn’t really drawn a large number of views, but at least the story is now there for everyone to read!

December MOTK Tournament

I already announced this tournament in the monthly poll article, but I wanted to mention it again just to get more votes for these rounds! I will be hosting the monthly poll of December as a tournament-style poll, where we are deciding which ally is the best when combined with the Messenger of the King contract. The first round of votes has already concluded, but I will be opening a new round for voting every 3 days, so keep an eye out for updates in Discord, Twitter, and the Facebook group. Hopefully, I can share the results with you on the first of January.

Additional articles

I got to write the article for AleP spoiling one of their new cards for them this month. I enjoyed writing a card review for once, as I haven’t really been doing that on the blog for a while now. The lack of First Impressions articles is to blame for that, but hopefully, I can do one for the Dark of Mirkwood and its campaign cards. For December, I plan to do my usual yearly review at the end of the month. This will summarize 2021 for me when it comes to the collection, the blog, and the number of games I have played. I have enough projects going on besides that article, so I doubt I will be doing yet another additional article, but you never know!

The Future

We just got yet another package of restrictions announced due to COVID, so I feel confident in saying that I will be staying at home a little more in the coming months. This will give me time to finish my projects for this year, and prepare the blog for 2022! I’m happy that I started this blog so many years ago, as it offers a great source of distraction while still being productive!

Work has also been busy, especially now that my interns are busy with their tests and data analysis. This is burning me out a little, but luckily I still find the motivation to play and write about the game. It helps that there is a group of players usually looking to play games online, so that I can start testing some more decks that I have come up with, like this one.

There is not much else to mention for the near future. I will be discussing my plans for 2022 in the yearly review article, and I will focus on completing my resolutions for this year by the end of the month.

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