Every once in a while, a unique card turns up in the game which isn't part of any pre-existing trait. In the early days of the game, this was quite common as new synergies were getting developed. But the Wose trait wasn't introduced to the player card pool until the second to last Saga expansion. … Continue reading Wose


The Corsairs of Umbar were one of the chief antagonists during the Dream-chaser cycle. But while some remained treacherous to the bitter end, others turned to the good side and joined the players. This launched the Corsair archetype, which to this day remains pretty undeveloped, with only 1 hero in the card pool at the … Continue reading Corsair


The Vale of the Anduin is home to many people and creatures, but none are as fierce as the Beornings. This trait was introduced in the Core Set with the most famous of these sturdy men: Beorn the Skin-changer. Since the Core Set days, not much has happened with the Beornings, but perhaps the new … Continue reading Beorning