Monthly Poll: May 2018

At the start of the month, I posted the very first monthly poll on the blog. Since I was just wrapping up the Against the Shadow cycle at the time, I wondered what the community’s favourite quest was of this cycle. A benefit of having a blog, you can just ask! And so the first poll was born.

In total, the poll has had 30 answers. I think that is enough to get a pretty accurate estimate on the favourite quest of the community at this point. The scores are as such:

Poll votes May


So it looks to me like Steward’s Fear is the winner of this little poll. I can totally understand why: the quest is dripping with theme, not too difficult but also not too easy. It requires you to overcome both location lock and a tough boss enemy at the end. All while there are other effects going off that try to eliminate you. The quest has a high replayability and has aged well over these past few years.

The silver medal goes to Into Ithilien, though all 3 Heirs of Numenor quests performed well in this poll. Into Ithilien is another medium to hard difficulty quest that forces you to do well right out of the gate. It was also the first time we encountered Mûmaks, guess that memory stuck with many people.

In last place, we find The Blood of Gondor, Drúadan Forest, and Assault on Osgiliath, all with 1 vote. These scenarios are less popular because they tend to require some form of deckbuilding before you tackle the quest. Though I personally did quite like most of these quests (screw you Drúadan Forest), I can understand why these 3 quests finished last. Perhaps if more votes had come in during the last month, we would have had a clear loser.

This concludes the monthly poll of May. The next poll should be up in a few hours. This time we will be looking for the location of the next cycle after the Ered Mithrin cycle. There are still some places in Middle Earth that we have not covered in this game. I would like to know where you hope that the game will take us next after we have traversed the Grey Mountains.


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