Monthly Poll: September 2018

With the blog dipping its toe into the Angmar Awakened cycle this month, I wanted to know which of 9 quests rank among the favourites for the community. The cycle introduced the concept of side-quests, and several scenarios play around this. With only 9 options to choose from, I decided to give everyone 2 votes, as it can sometimes be hard to pick a favourite from a cycle. It is much easier to name your 2 most enjoyed quests than one, as each quest is unique.

In total, I received 47 votes from players. This should give us an indication on which quests are liked better than others. Since there were only 9 options, it shouldn’t really matter that there were only 47 votes, at least we can’t get an even split among all the quests! Here are your results:


Treachery of Rhudaur actually won this poll by a margin of 1 votes. And personally, I really like this quest, which is why I voted for it as well. The quest features 3 side-quests that can optionally be explored at stage one, granting boons for your team which are needed on stage 2. Stage 2 can be a rel slog, where you fight a lot of Undead enemies and find yourself facing the wraith Thaurdir for a rematch for Fornost. The quest is not too difficult in multiplayer and can serve as a pretty good introductory quest.

I found it very curious to see how the rest of the votes were distributed, as each quest was just 1 vote away from each other. This goes to show how different people prefer different styles of quests. Across the Ettenmoors took second place, as it is a fun quest to play with a side-quest deck, as well as playing with a heavy combat deck since the enemies are enormous.

Third place went to the classic Intruders in Chetwood. The quest has had a lot of recent attention since it was the quest of the fortnight not too long ago. I find the quest quite enjoyable but also requiring a lot of you in the early game. If you can’t catch up to the scenario, you are going to have a tough time.

On the bottom of the list, we find the less played quests of the Dread Realm and the Battle of Carn Dum. Carn Dum is often regarded as the toughest scenario of this cycle, which might scare some newer or less experienced players away. Dread Realm was somehow not as memorable as the developers had hoped it to be. The quest features a lot of grinding in the catacombs, and the mad dash to the finish was less well received as anticipated.

For the month of October, we are going back to one of the most developed early archetypes: Dwarves. With the announcement of the new Dain hero, I am curious to see what Dwarf hero is used the most by you. Note that it doesn’t have to be in a Dwarf deck, as heroes like Bifur or Gloin can function well outside of those. Cast your votes now, poll closes this time next month!

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