Month in Review: September 2018

Can’t believe another month has gone by so fast again. The blog is already 9 months old and I’m still in cycle 5. At least the news out of FFG has been slow, so I should be catching up to recent content within a year. This month has been a bit of an organized mess, as I transitioned to my own place and had to get myself installed. Once I got up and running, the blog started to pump out content again. I am feeling sure that I am now in a stable enough position that I can start reliably bring you new content from my own place in the next month.


Despite the move, I managed to keep up the content this month and started to work on the next cycle. The month was filled with various articles, some better received than others. No new packs were released by FFG, as a lot of attention this month went to the Digital format of the game, which went into early access this month. I have not yet tried the game for myself but will be following its progress. In terms of news, there have been a couple of announcement articles on the new packs of the Ered Mithrin cycle, but most attention went to the Woodland Realm Fellowship event, which also occurred in some parts during the month. I have not yet attended one, as the Fellowship kits in Europe are delayed (surprise, surprise).

Cycle Scenarios

I have nearly completed the Lost Realm deluxe expansion, and am looking to complete it early October. This will allow me to start working on the cycle scenarios of the Angmar Awakened cycle, which I will not be doing in chronological order. This is because Wastes of Eriador is a pain, and I would rather start with Treachery of Rhudaur or Across the Ettenmoors. I should have the cycle finished in roughly 2 months without help, doing 3 scenarios per month.

Saga Scenarios

This month has been productive for the Saga scenario analyses. Both the Breaking of the Fellowship and the Uruk-Hai were covered by Brinx. He will continue with Helm’s Deep, but that can understandably take some time due to its complexity. We will hopefully guide you through the rest of your campaign over the following months, so stay tuned.

Nightmare Scenarios

I covered another one of the easier Nightmare scenarios out there that I own: The Hunt for Gollum. This was pretty well received and I am looking forward to covering more of these NM scenarios in the future if the demand stays this high. Since I am only allowing myself to cover NM scenarios that I own, I will be looking to purchase some more of the next month during Con of the Rings. I already received word that the centre will have plenty of NM scenarios in stock so my wallet will take a big hit I’m afraid. If I find time in the meantime, I could cover Steward’s Fear, but that is a pretty tough scenario with a lot of rule changes.

Trait Analyses

I covered quite a lot of different articles this month, including a Trait. Since this month I started the Angmar Awakened cycle, the Dunedain trait was pretty logical to cover. With the recent addition of the Thalion card, I find the article pretty nice and up to date for a while at least. Next month, I will probably be able to get another trait covered. These articles are easy to write when I am travelling to Minneapolis. Since I can’t sleep on planes, I might crank out a couple of these during transit. Hopefully, we will get some more player cards in the meantime, allowing me to update a couple of articles with new synergies as well.


The staples also got an inclusion this month with player deck scrying cards. Again, I will be looking to make some of these articles during my pilgrimage to the FFG centre. This will allow me to get a bit of a backlog of articles for October.

Additional articles

Besides an update to my storage solutions, I added an article about quests to play with new players. I quite liked the article and would like to thank again all participants of the survey. It is always great to have some interaction with the community and base my conclusions on it. I hope you guys enjoyed as well. For October, I am looking to make an additional article on the Con, as that will be the biggest thing happening that month. I will share a couple of my experiences and the haul of the Con as well. Besides that, I will also dedicate one article on the exclusive swag I created for the blog at the Con, so you have a bit of backstory about it. Patreon supporters and content creators can look forward to receiving this soon.

The Future

The month of October will mostly be taken over by my trip to Con of the Rings. I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow creators and some of the supporters of this blog. I feel like it will be a great way to play a couple of great games with the community and get to know each other better. However, this will mean that I will be slightly less consistent about writing during that weekend. Since I am not a native to the Minnesotan timezone, I will also have some jetlag when I get back, so about a week worth of blogging will likely go down the drain because of the Con. The flipside to this is that I will likely have a lot of time in the early hours of the day and during my flights to do some of the write-ups for cards and synergies I know by heart. I will likely not be bringing scenarios with me so scenario analyses will be difficult. But I trust that I will be bringing a couple of articles based on traits and staples in the meantime. Of course, the rest of the month will be dedicated to the other articles, so don’t worry, I am not putting anything on ice for now. I will have more scenarios coming soon, and the Con will also be a source for new articles.

Based on what gets released during October by FFG, I might do another article on the player cards and my first impressions of the quest in the next AP. Since that is likely to be Roam Across Rhovanion, (unless FFG pulls another Poros) I will get to talk in length about Haldan and the upcoming Woodman synergy. I have already created a deck for him, and with a bit more playtesting, I can use him properly in my location control deck. Maybe more official news will be released by FFG at the convention, though I deem that unlikely. If they do, I will be sure to keep you noted! Until then, I hope you are enjoying the blog and am looking forward to seeing some of you in the next month!

Aa’menealla nauva calen ar-malta

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