Promo: Custom 3D printed tokens

It is not often that I am asked to promote items on the blog, but I was approached a few weeks ago by a member of the community who was making his own tokens for the game. Community member Gaetan Agnini produces these tokens, and is looking to supply some to those in the community interested in them. He asked if I wanted a bag of them in return for some exposure, so here it is. This article will go over the different tokens I received, and will help you to get some for yourself. This allows the community to help each other out, providing a source of income for some, and providing a fun change to the cardboard tokens for others. If you own a 3D printer yourself, you can also print these tokens for yourself. The models and STL files can be found using this link: This way, you can change the colours of the tokens to your own preferences.

All tokens side-by-side

Types of tokens

I mention the cardboard tokens that were in the Core Set, but this set of tokens go far beyond the standard Damage, Progress, and Resource tokens that the Core Set provides. Numerous other tokens were made to signify different things happening with your cards. Examples of this are attack and defense tokens, which look a lot better than the ones I made back in the day for the VotP 2018 loot. Others can be used to show that characters are exhausted, instead of turning the cards sideways. This is especially useful for players with swarm style decks and very little space on their desk or playmat.

There is also an option for tokens with the sphere symbols on them. These can be used for various things, such as to signify whether or not an ability has been used on a hero, or to show that a hero has received a sphere icon thanks to an attachment or ability. The tokens can also be used to show the different kinds of resources your tri-sphere hero lineup has, just get creative with them!

I can also imagine tokens for Hitpoints, Time, and other smaller keywords like Villagers for Encounter at Amon Din to be produced down the line, but with this being a one-man production line, those might be delayed a little. Regardless, there will be numerous options in the future for you to use.

Tokens in practice

For me personally, they will make a fine addition to my collection of tokens that I am currently using. I haven’t touched the cardboard Core Set tokens in a long time, and am instead using the tokens I received from Con of the Rings 2018 alongside my own tokens, but these might replace the coins and resources I borrow from my copy of Scythe to signify resources and other things. It will be cool to bring these to the table when I am eventually able to go to multiplayer games again. The number of tokens provided in this set may be enough for two handed games, but for higher player counts you might have to complement the tokens with other tokens or with dice.

Outside of the game, I will be storing the tokens in my Con of the Rings 2018 deckbox where there is more than enough space for the tokens alongside the Con of the Rings 2018 tokens and various other tokens (threat tracker, first player token, COTR playmat rings etc). As the backside of some tokens are the same colour, it does help to divide the tokens in different sections, but they are quite easy to distinguish as the colour of the top layer for most tokens is unique.

During the game, the tokens worked well, though I feel that the exhaust tokens aren’t really my thing. I prefer to turn my cards 90 degrees to the side. But for players who are used to such tokens, or those with limited space on their table, this is a good alternative. I played a few games with them before releasing this article, and got to use most of them during the games. I will warn that boss-level enemies and characters with a ton of health will start drain your damage tokens quickly, but that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

Tokens in use during a victory over Voyage Across Belegaer with my Dale deck

Technical details and observations

  • Tokens ship per set of 145 at a price of €25 per set.
  • Shipping is €4,89 though this might depend on your location (tokens ship from Germany)
  • Tokens are 18 millimeters across and approximately 2 mm high.
  • Most tokens are made of 2 layers of plastic, with the exception for the sphere, damage, and progress tokens (3 layers)
  • The resource tokens are twice as high than the rest (4mm) thanks to a clear plastic dome in the middle.
  • All tokens are one-sided, with a plain back of the bottom layer. This prevents the tokens from becoming too thick.
  • No sharp or unfinished edges, unlike my own coconut tokens…
  • All tokens are for single resources/damage/progress. Damage and progress tokens can be stacked, but extra resources can be difficult to pile onto the hero. You can use the sphere tokens to symbolize 3 or 5 resources each in case you are running Gloin or Steward of Gondor.
  • There were some issues with the blue spool during the production of my tokens, which is why the Spirit tokens have a lower quality finish than the other tokens. This issue should be resolved for any future batches though.

How do I order myself a set?

There is not yet a shop or a listing on sites for these tokens online, but you can order yourself a set by contacting the creator directly. You can write him an email at: Alternatively, you can also approach Gaetan Agnini in the LOTR LCG Facebook group. The tokens are produced in Europe, so shipping overseas might increase the price a little. But as the package has a low weight and can fit through your mailbox, it shouldn’t be too bad to have it shipped to you. You can order a custom set of tokens for yourself, so if you don’t need the extra resource tokens, you can replace those with exhaust tokens for example. Coordinate with the creator for what suits you best. Do note that he only has a small 3D printer available for this project, and as such, can only take on so many orders at once. It may take some time to fulfill your order if multiple people order at the same time. Only a limited amount of tokens can be produced at the same time.

Close-up pictures

Core Set tokens vs the 3D tokens
Close up of all token types
Bottom side of all tokens

If you want to see more pictures up close with the tokens, let me know via a direct message and I’ll get you your picture so that you can make your decision.

This article was written at the request of the community member creating the tokens in exchange for a free set of these tokens. I was however not under any obligation to hype up these tokens, and instead only wanted to share my true opinions on these tokens. This will remain true for any future promotions, should it be requested and I feel like the community would benefit from such items.

3 thoughts on “Promo: Custom 3D printed tokens

  1. Looking great, but a bit too expensive for me. The same price like new core set. Lucky you Daan!


  2. Having spent a lot of time researching and purchasing upgraded token sets, these are incredibly cheap for what you get relative to other options.


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